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Berry senior wrestler Isaiah Jones took his mom’s advice of improving his grades before concentrating on sports.

The plan is part of a long-term effort to reduce damage and loss from natural disasters such as floods, winter storms, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, hurricanes and tropical storms, officials said. By working to prevent the initial disaster loss, the long term plan also aims to break the cycle of reconstruction and repeat damage.

Behailu Academy, a nonprofit afterschool creative arts enrichment program, held its first Mosaic Awards ceremony and fundraiser Nov.14 at Carolina Golf Club on Steele Creek Road, Charlotte.

Yujin Cho, 19, has plans – for herself and for the benefit of her family. “I want to take classes in both fashion and journalism to see where my eventual fit would be,” Cho said.

Opportunity, beautiful weather, great schools and a family-friendly atmosphere brought the Gregersen family to America and ultimately to south Charlotte.

Each year, 20 Davidson College students are selected from the incoming class to become Bonner Scholars.

Brendan Moran and Natalie Rogers of Miller Street Dance Academy in Charlotte are the new Mr. and Miss Teen Dance of America.

Singer, songwriter and beatmaker JocElyn ellis and professional DJ Andre “A-Minor” Barden recently traveled to Bangladesh to teach hip-hop. On Nov. 4, the two went to the country as part of Next Level, an international cultural exchange initiative created by UNC Chapel Hill’s music professor Mark Katz.

Learn how to protect your trees against canker worms that will eat the young leaves next spring.

As a Vietnam War veteran, Cecil Carver had a special interest in visiting Arlington National Cemetery last month.

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