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Buying solar in N.C.! Duke Energy finally sees the light.

From Vi Lyles, at-large Charlotte City Council member, in response to “Council spends like it’s 1999” (Sept. 14 Our View):

The other day a few senators remembered they have rather well-paid jobs which they haven’t bothered to show up to for weeks and held a hearing on a burning issue – statehood for the District of Columbia.

President Obama is adamant that the war against the Islamic State will not escalate to the use of U.S. ground troops. But the more I see and hear of his strategy, the more I fear that “mission creep” – even if the president resists it – is baked in from the start.

One of the things that came out of this Adrian Peterson story over the last few days is that most people outside the South don’t know what it means to get whipped with a switch.

Apparently sending your kid to a charter school is an education lottery.

It seems almost weekly I read another criticism of teachers and how poorly trained they are. The field of teacher preparation has always been under attack, but charges appear to have increased in recent years. The concern runs deep and some of it is legitimate. But teacher preparation has recently moved in a new direction, one will have significant impact on the teachers it produces. In North Carolina, these changes will have serious negative consequences as well, if we do not prepare for the coming storm.

What was the Islamic State thinking? We know it is sophisticated in its use of modern media. But what was the logic of propagating to the world videos of its beheadings of two Americans (and subsequently a Briton) – sure to inflame public opinion?

I know that parents worry about whether vaccines are safe for their children. But they should also consider the dangers of not vaccinating, which is why I’m telling my family’s story.

How many lottery tickets must a teacher sell to get a raise?

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