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From an editorial in Tuesday’s Washington Post:

On Monday of this week, a letter to the editor was published regarding the cutting down of trees on Monroe Road in order to construct Meridian Place. The purpose of this response is to provide perspectives on why the trees were cut down and our plans for replacement of these trees.

“Outlander,” a new TV adaptation of the series of fantasy books by Diana Gabaldon, is the story of Claire Randall, a nurse who has recently finished serving in World War II and is whisked back in time while on a second honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands. There are a lot of fantastical and pleasurable things about the show, which gives Claire a sexy Scottish love interest and features lovely, green Scottish landscapes.

A few days ago, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin waded into a debate among his fellow Republicans about how they should think about tax policy. His words carry weight among Republicans: They almost universally respect his judgment on economic policy, and partly as a result have decided to make him chairman of the tax-writing committee of the House should they keep control of it in November’s elections.

When a powerful denial-of-service attack brought down Sony’s PlayStation Network on Sunday, a group that claimed responsibility said it had acted on behalf of the Islamic State, the rapidly growing terrorist organization in the Middle East. Even if the “Lizard Squad” had nothing to do with it, the story was another example of Islamic State’s devilish skill at promoting itself on social networks.

Attention CMS kids: Life doesn’t give make-up tests.

One of the unsung blessings of Twitter is the way it continually reminds us that willful ignorance is alive and thriving in the American body politic.

How do you deal with a hideous terrorist group that has morphed into a Mideast state with a huge war chest and an aggressive army – and beheads an American journalist?

Having once served a president, I don’t begrudge any president a vacation. There is, in fact, no escape from this relentless job. A change of scenery does not involve a change in responsibilities, or even a release from the essence of the president’s routine. The intelligence briefings stalk him. Presidential respites are measured in hours, not days or weeks – say, a few hours on a golf course. And the public would be selfish and shortsighted to demand those downtime hours, which are necessary for humans to function.

Private school vouchers declared unconstitutional. But failing public schools are still constitutional.

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