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America is like a charter school – some problems, outside critics, avalanche of applicants.

From Korey H. Coon, chair of the N.C. Commission of Workforce Development and human resources director for Caterpillar, Inc.’s Building Construction Products Division: Economic developers will tell you workforce is always among the top three items companies consider when they expand or relocate, and the demand for skilled workers continues to be a concern for business and industry in North Carolina. Employers are struggling to fill positions in advanced manufacturing, health sciences, engineering and other STEM-related areas – jobs like surgical technologists, machine maintenance workers and electrical linemen.

When I learned that the man accused of shooting innocent bystanders last week at a Jewish community center and Jewish retirement home in Kansas City was a former Klansman named Glenn Miller, I shuddered.

Well, Hillary Clinton has given us a lot to think about, again.

The 50th anniversary of passage of the Civil Rights Act is also the 50th anniversary of the presumptive Republican nominee for president, Barry Goldwater, voting against the Civil Rights Act.

Really Thom, “rednecks” live in $875,000 homes on Lake Norman?

While Charlotte’s school children are on spring break this week, parents might want to take a moment now that the brutal winter has come to an end to reflect on the increasingly sunny picture of public education in their city. Recent news stories about Charlotte’s public schools tell of falling dropout rates, decreasing crime and new community investments in local schools. The district also boasts some of the highest levels of student achievement among big city school systems across the country.

The debate over campaign contributions is never-ending for a simple reason: Both sides of the argument have merit.

A refresher course in the work of Louis Pasteur should be mandatory for advocates of so-called raw milk.

The Feds need to set Bank of America up with direct deposit.

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