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Charlotte’s top meteorologists talk about the missed forecast in New York and the still-inexact science of forecasting the weather

Coincidence about city names where she’s worked is unusual

Pictures were outlawed after photographers broke rules on where they could shoot

Stuart Watson – who lost his job last week at WCNC (Channel 36), where he’d been an investigative reporter since 1999 – is looking ahead at what’s next in his life.

For about six months, WFAE-FM (NPR, 90.7) has been looking for a new president to succeed the retiring Roger Sarow. Every candidate has been asked the same question:

For the last year, wise-cracking Rob Tanner of the WSOC-FM (103.7) morning show has been living through the worst pain of his life. He’s back on the air Monday morning.

Anna Kooiman says working with Mark Mathis at WCCB taught her to be nimble while on camera

Layoffs began a week before Christmas after Beasley Broadcasting took over “Power 98,” WSOC-FM and other Charlotte stations, workers report

At noon on the day before Thanksgiving, the switch was flipped at WKQC-FM (“K” 104.7) and out came “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” by Andy Williams. Since then, it has played nothing but Christmas music.

His parents wanted him to find a career with stability, and they thought radio might be the thing.

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Mark Washburn
Mark Washburn writes television and radio commentary for The Charlotte Observer.