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PRN president Doug Rice says Venturini has incredible knowledge of stock car racing and is ready for a Sprint Cup broadcast.

Justine Kish couldn’t get enough of sports as a kid, and now she’s competing for a fighting title

Longtime Charlotte country radio fixture Paul Schadt has been nominated again for Country Music Association honors, but this time he’s been nominated twice, a rare feat.

Ten years ago, Clear Channel Radio announced it was killing Charlotte’s oldie station but the music never quite died. It lives on a decade later in the memory of listeners.

Never mind that it says it’s National Geographic. It’s just a fish story, OK? They made the whole clash up.

When one of the funniest people in the world dies of terminal despair, it sparks discussion. Comedian Pam Stone, who knew Robin Williams when his career was white-hot in the 1980s, would like some of it to center on mental health.

ESPN’s new SEC Network launches next week from its Charlotte production hub.

When you reach a certain age, say three years after you become eligible for Social Security, you tend to get shy about celebrating your birthdays. Such appears to be the case at WBTV (Channel 3), which marked its 65th anniversary this week quietly with a story by veteran reporter Steve Crump.

In 2001, Creative Loafing columnist Jerry Klein left Charlotte to pursue romance. In 2013, he returned to die.

“When you turn 55, you might as well die – advertisers aren’t interested in you,” says Tom Gentry, whose radio station’s listeners might as well be dead.

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Mark Washburn
Mark Washburn writes television and radio commentary for The Charlotte Observer.