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I'm never one to eavesdrop, of course, but noisy lunch talk cranks up the volume at even the best eateries, and next thing I know, conversation at the next table becomes my main course.

In the family album is a picture of Kristin Wells, age 3, on a ladder and wearing a tool belt. Her path to a job on HGTV was being crafted even then, following in her dad's footsteps.

Tucked away in a corner of Uptown is a neighborhood so charming and so thoroughly distinct, the uninitiated might think they've stumbled into another city. Steeped in a history of turn-of-the-century political power and whispered tall tales of brothels and bootleggers, Fourth Ward is a fascinating mix of Victorian architecture, modern condos, secret gardens and brick-paved sidewalks in the shadows of Tryon Street's skyscrapers.

Colombian-born Edwin Gil has become one of the city's best-known artists over the past two years, partly due to his keen business sense, but mostly because he's not afraid to take chances on politically-minded projects that cost more than they earn.

Gandhi is here. An 8-foot statue of the bespectacled human rights leader, holding his famous staff, now stands in front of the Old County Courthouse.

Wow! Last week was something.

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It's the cell phone equivalent of the mysterious knock on a front door with no peep hole … the call that comes through with the name, “UNKNOWN.”

More than $1,500 was stolen from the safe at Bruegger's Bagels when the

Achoo. Achoo. AAAAchooo.

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