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Gina and Hunter, both 33, met through their church youth group in Whitehouse, Tenn. Both 16, Gina was instantly drawn to his outgoing personality, while Hunter was intrigued by her sweet but quiet nature. They became high school sweethearts and were a couple throughout college. They married July 16, 2005, in the same church where they met. Together with their Yorkie-Poo, Simon, they moved to Charlotte in 2010. Gina tells their story.

Roberta, 61, and Les, 65 met by chance in 1978 as they were leaving Las Vegas. They forged a relationship that thrived despite the physical distance between them and were married Oct. 11, 1980. They live in Charlotte, and Roberta tells their story.

Anne, 52, and Richard, 61, met through an acquaintance while Anne was attending Pfeiffer College. Richard was the director of public relations and a friendly face. Neither thought of it as a date when Richard, who had his pilot’s license, offered to take Anne flying on the afternoon of Halloween 1982. But they fell in love quickly and the couple married Feb. 4, 1984. They live in Concord and Anne tells their story.

At the Y: I was asked to attend an event in Statesville on behalf of our location. While there, I struck up a conversation with a woman from the local Y. She asked if I was single, because there were some very nice single guys she worked with. I politely said yes, thinking I really didn’t want to be set up.

Sarah, 31, and Ken, 42, found one another at just the right time in their lives. Introduced by a friend in February 2008, Sarah and Ken weren’t looking for a relationship, as both had recently been separated and become single parents. But as they got to know one another, the couple knew it was meant to be. They married Nov. 20, 2009 and live in Charlotte. Ken tells their story.

The rubber band: I always thought Shane was a nice guy. He and my best friend dated for a few months, then broke up. One day Shane shot a rubber band at me in math class and hit me in the arm. I fired it back, hitting him in the eyeball. I was mortified. He played it like he was in agony, the whole time plotting his scheme. In order to make it up to him, I had to agree to go on a date.

Tooti met Charlie at a pool party in 1990, when she was dating another guy.

Eric, 31, met Kelli, 24, at 2 a.m. at a hospital on a cold February morning in 2007.

Marty, 34, thought Jason, 25, was too young when they first met in 2004.

In the summer of 1989, Glenn, 59, met Amy, 51, at Taylorsville's Alexander Central High School.

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Love letters
We’re looking for young married couples to tell us how they fell in love. How did you meet? What were your first impressions? How was your first date? What attracted you to each other?