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Many eyes are on Hagan-Tillis fight for Senate seat

In one of the country's closest-watched Senate races, Democrat and first-term Senator Kay Hagan is fighting for re-election against Republican N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis and Libertarian Sean Haugh.

• Kay Hagan, D: E-mail | Web site
Hagan touts work on legislation that makes sense for NC

• Sean Haugh, L: Web site
Libertarian pizza delivery driver Sean Haugh could decide U.S. Senate election

• Thom Tillis, R: E-mail | Web site
Tillis’ drive steers NC legislature to the right

More recent U.S. Senate news

U.S. House of Representatives

US House 8
Antonio Blue, D: E-mail
Richard Hudson, R: E-mail | Web Site

US House 9
Robert Pittenger, R: Contact | Web Site
Shawn Eckles , write-in: E-mail | Web Site

US House 10
Tate MacQueen, D: E-mail | Web Site
Patrick McHenry, R: Contact | Web Site

US House 12
Alma Adams, D: E-mail | Web Site
Vince Coakley, R: E-mail | Web Site

N.C. General Assembly

Seats in the state legislature also are up for grabs this year. Several local candidates are running unopposed. Here are the contested races in Mecklenburg County:

NC State Senate District 38
Joel Ford, D: E-mail | Web Site
Richard Rivette, R: E-mail
Richard Rivette-Joel Ford rematch set

NC State Senate District 41
Latrice McRae, D: E-mail | Web Site
Jeff Tarte, R: Email: E-mail | Web Site
Tarte seeks to retain Senate seat against Democratic challenger McRae

NC House of Representatives District 88
Margie Storch, D: E-mail | Web Site
Rob Bryan, R : E-mail | Web Site
In NC House 88 race, Bryan faces challenger Storch

NC House of Representatives District 92
Robin Bradford, D: E-mail | Web Site
Charles Jeter, R: E-mail | Web Site
Bradford again takes on Jeter in House District 92

NC House of Representatives District 98
Natasha Marcus, D: E-mail | Web Site
John R. Bradford III, R: E-mail | Web Site
Race for Tillis’ NC House District 98 seat county’s costliest
Tea party Republicans favor Davidson Democrat

NC House of Representatives District 104
Dan Bishop, R: E-mail | Web Site
Eric Cable, L: E-mail | Web Site
Former commissioner, Libertarian battle for south Charlotte seat

NC House of Representatives District 106
Carla Cunningham, D: E-mail | Web Site
Trey Lowe, R: E-mail | Web Site
NC Rep. Carla Cunningham faces GOP’s Trey Lowe for District 106 seat

According to the conservative Civitas Institute, they're part of the "vast, shadowy network" that...

Campaign Tracker

Elections across the Charlotte region

Other area communities are holding elections this year

Here are phone numbers and websites for local boards of elections

Alexander County: 828‑632‑2990    Website

Burke County: 828‑433‑1703    Website

Cabarrus County: 704‑920‑2860    Website
Cabarrus school board candidates prepare for Nov. 4 election | Candidate Q&As

Caldwell County: 828‑757‑1326    Website

Catawba County: 828-464-2424    Website

Cleveland County: 704‑484‑4858    Website

Gaston County: 704-852-6005    Website
Sheriff's race is rematch of 2010
Ranlo to vote on alcohol sales

Iredell County: 704-878-3140     Website
Iredell voters to decide if school bonds merit tax increase

Lincoln County: 704-736-8480    Website

Rowan County: 704-216-8140    Website

Union County: 704-283-3809    Website
12 running for Union County Board of Education seats
Oct. 21 election forum set for Union races

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Candidate questionnaires

The Observer has solicited campaign statements and bios for candidates running on the Nov. 4 ballot for offices in Mecklenburg County, the state and the U.S. House. Read their responses by clicking here.

Other resources:
Judicial Voter Guide (NC State Board of Elections)
NC Bar Association survey of judicial candidates
NC Center for Voter Education: Get info on 1,121 races across NC
Mecklenburg County Republican Party
Mecklenburg County Democratic Party


Observer endorsements

The Observer editorial board is offering its picks on some races on the Nov. 4 ballot.
    • Read all of the endorsements in one recap

    U.S. SENATE:
      • Disappointment vs. danger

    U.S. HOUSE:
      • Hudson, Adams best for Congress

    Recommendations for the state legislature

      • Bonds a worthy reinvestment
      • Sales tax approval would help educators
      • Give defendant choice of judge or jury trial

      • Our endorsements for Meck races

      • Our pick for Mecklenburg sheriff
      • For the NC Supreme Court, Court of Appeals
      • Meck. Superior Court, Dist. Court, Clerk of Superior Court

      • 5 questions about our endorsements

    Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners

    At-large seats

    Five candidates are running for three seats on the board of county commission. The field includes two incumbents, Democrats Patricia "Pat" Cotham and Trevor Fuller.

    • Scott Carlisle, R: E-mail | Web site
    • Pat Cotham, D: E-mail | Web site
    • Trevor Fuller, D: E-mail | Web site
    • Ella Scarborough, D: E-mail
    • Emily Zuyus, R: E-mail | Web site

    Five compete for three at-large commissioner seats

    District seats

    Only two district seats are contested this November. Incumbents Vilma Leake (District 2), George Dunlap (3) Dumont Clarke (4) and Bill James (6), faced no opposition for the general election.

    District 1
    • Leonard Richardson, D: E-mail | Web site
    • Jim Puckett, R
    Puckett seeks to retake commissioner’s seat

    District 5
    • Art Cardenas, D: E-mail | Web site
    • Matthew Ridenhour, R: E-mail | Web site
    Ridenhour, Cardenas square off for District 5


    Sales tax hike
    Voters are asked to consider raising the Mecklenburg County sales tax by a quarter-cent primarily to raise teacher pay, but also to increase pay for faculty at Central Piedmont Community College and help programs at the Arts & Science Council and Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

    Mecklenburg voters to decide on sales tax
    Viewpoint: Vote YES on sales tax referendum
    Viewpoint: Vote NO on sales tax referendum

    Judge or jury?
    If approved, the proposed constitutional amendment would allow people charged with a felony to decide whether they want a judge or a jury to hear their case. The proposal would allow “a person accused of any criminal offense for which the state is not seeking a sentence of death in superior court may ...waive the person’s right to a trial by jury.”

    Measure would allow criminal defendants to waive jury trials
    NC official reminds voters of amendment on ballot
    UNC School of Government: Understanding NC's proposed constitutional amendment

    City bonds
    In 2013, the City Council approved an ambitious $816 million capital improvement plan, which will build roads, sidewalks, bridges, affordable housing, and police and fire stations through 2020. Voters are asked to consider the first bond package on the ballot, $110.97 million for roads; $20 million for neighborhood improvements; and $15 million for housing.
    City Council puts $146 million bond referendum on the ballot


    Mecklenburg County Sheriff

    The winner will replace Chipp Bailey, who did not seek re-election.

    • Irwin Carmichael, D: E-mail | Web site
    • Chris Hailey, R: E-mail | Web site
    Carmichael, Hailey seek Mecklenburg County sheriff’s seat
    Sheriff's candidates disagree over opening satellite offices

    NC Supreme Court Chief Justice

    • Mark Martin
    • Ola M. Lewis

    NC Supreme Court Associate Justice

    Three races:
    1) • Bob Hunter • Sam J. Ervin IV

    2) • Eric Levinson • Robin Hudson

    3) • Mike Robinson • Cheri Beasley

    New money pumped into NC Supreme Court races
    Partisan groups have keen interest in non-partisan NC Supreme Court races

    NC Court of Appeals Judge

    (Four races)

    A whopping 19 candidates vying for one NC Court of Appeals seat

    1) Note: This race features 19 candidates for one seat

    • John S. Arrowood                • Hunter Murphy
    • Betsy Bunting                      • Marty Martin
    • Jeffrey M. Cook                    • Jody Newsome
    • Lori G. Christian                  • Tricia Shields
    • J. Brad Donovan                 • Elizabeth Davenport Scott
    • Daniel Patrick Donahue             • John M. Tyson
    • Sabra Jean Faires              • Chuck Winfree
    • Abe Jones                            • Marion Warren
    • Ann Kirby                            • Valerie Johnson Zachary
    • Keischa Lovelace

    2) • Bill Southern                  • Lucy Inman

    3) • Donna Stroud

    4) • Paul Holcombe                  • Mark Davis

    Mecklenburg Superior Court

    There are two contested races for Mecklenburg's 26th district appearing on the ballot, though a candidate in one of the races dropped out recently.

    District 26B seat 2:
       • Carla Archie    • John W. Bowers    • David Kelly    • Eric A. Montgomery
    Strong field seeks Superior Court seat in Mecklenburg

    District 26C:
       • Bob Bell        • Justin William Moore
    Judge candidate leaves race but not the ballot

    Mecklenburg District Court

    Nixon seat:
    • Theo Nixon                  • Yolanda Trotman
    Mecklenburg court race involves style and substance

    Viser seat:
    • Alicia Brooks                  • Casey Viser
    District court candidates cite similar influences

    Mecklenburg County Clerk of Superior Court

    • Elisa Chinn Gary, D: E-mail | Web site
    • Martha Efird, R: E-mail | Web site

    Other resources:
    Judicial Voter Guide (NC State Board of Elections)
    NC Bar Association survey of judicial candidates

    Send any questions or suggestions you have about this page to April Bethea