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As school heads back and homework challenges begin, students in grades K-12 have an easy support resource for science and math at their fingertips. The Rose-Hulman's Homework Hotline tutors offer assistance via email and phone for free and share tips on making homework a breeze.

Sodoma Law surveyed more than 100 men and women in our area to uncover the root cause and top concerns when it comes to family separation and divorce. The results show that the well-being of children consistently plays a top role in the decisions and proceedings.

Don't let the new school year prevent you from having fun with the kiddies. Here's the lineup for what's cooking in Charlotte this week.

Author and children's book aficionado Dorothy Price is back with a book pick for preschoolers that will surprise and enchant young readers and parents alike.

What's it like to carry twins for an entire pregnancy, bring them into the world, and then hand them over to someone else? In the conclusion of her series on being a surrogate, Stacey Ashe shares what she calls "the strangest part of the entire experience."

Learning opportunities abound before your children even set foot in the classroom. As you prepare for another school year, get your kids involved in the shopping and the planning, and they just may learn a thing or two about budgeting, style, and their sense of self.

Get your little ones pumped up as they head back to the classroom this month by sharing special books about school. Blogger Gi Hallmark shares 10 of her favorites that will help alleviate back to school anxieties and get a few good laughs. These books are all available at Park Road Books in Charlotte.

With so much sadness & violence in the news lately, it's hard to know what, how much, or even if to share with our kids. Attachment Parenting International offers a message about helping our children understand the world around them

Mompreneur blogger Jennie Wong finds similarities in the qualities that make someone a great mom and those that make someone a successful entrepreneur. All that mom multitasking transfers directly into the world of owning your own business!

Blogger Tammy Garlock is an inspiration and a reminder of humility in her approach to sharing the story of her son, Brian, as well as the message of the dangers of distracted driving. If you aren't familiar with Tammy, take some time to get to know her and her mission to change the world one person at a time.

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