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Teaching the spirit and importance of volunteering to children at a young age is a gift with compounding benefits to the community, family unit, and to the child. Blogger Gi Hallmark has compiled a list of volunteer opportunities for children of all ages in our area.

Children with allergies can enjoy trick-or-treating, but parents should remain vigilant.

Imagination and reality collide on the moon in this month's book choice, written by Charlotte author Dolores Andral and illustrated by her jusband Vladimir Andral. Targeted for preschool-grade 3, this book will soon become a bedtime favorite!

When it comes to playing on a team, the best part is always the team photo - all smiles and fun. And as blogger Bess Kercher points out, it's also as simple as capturing the perfect shot for the family Christmas card. Say, "Cheese!"

Why do we moms get caught up in our babies hitting developmental milestones and what can we do to ease our worries?

If you've been thinking about a close to home trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, travel blogger Sara Kendall says this is a great time to make your plans and make a splash. Home to an indoor water park that will leave visitors in awe, during the Halloween season, added fun can be found here with added activities like the Trick-or-Treat Trail and the Monster Bash Dance Party.

While time-out is a common practice in disciplining young children, Attachment Parenting International offers other options for parents.

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, by Virginia Lee Burton, may have been published 75 years ago, but it still grabs the attention of young readers today. Blogger Dorothy Price shares her suggestions for introducing this timeless classic to your child.

Blogger Bess Kercher has noticed that 'playing your position' in sports often offers the best hope for success on the field. Can her family team master this concept in the game of life?

This year Attachment Parenting International highlights the theme “Cherishing Parents, Flourishing Children” as they celebrate API Month. All month long, API challenges parents to re-examine their daily activities, routines, beliefs, habits and traditions and learn new ways to engage with their children to grow with each other and remain close while promoting opportunities for healthy exploration, individuation and development.

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