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Whether you're exploring your own city or traveling to a new place this summer, travel blogger Sara Kendall has tips to make the most of traveling with your kids while getting in all the best sites. Happy travels!

Is it possible to carry a baby in your body and not become emotionally attached? Surrogate Stacey Ashe says the answer is not as simple as the question. Drawing on her three surrogacy experiences as well as her two personal pregnancies, Ashe explains how family relationships impacted her journey as a surrogate.

Local author, educator, and social leadership strategist, Michelle Icard disagrees with columnist John Rosemond's parenting approach and suggests that we close the door on the no-door policy' that Rosemond advocates. Taking on his recent advice about teenage attitudes, Icard explains why understanding and respect is a better strategy.

As summer rolls along and schedules go out the window, you don't have to abandon your fitness goals. Blogger Cathy Bortz shares her favorite workout for travel and days when getting to a class at the gym is impossible. Her three-two-one routine is flexible, fun, and fast, and doesn't require any special equipment.

Dr. Sheila Kilbane takes on a challenge from 100 Days of Real Food and creates a healthier, more natural version of PediaSure for kids - Dr. Kilbane's Liquid Vitality. With an easy to follow recipe and nutritional information, Dr. Kilbane also provides details on how to get a picky eater to enjoy this great meal supplement.

A recent study in the journal Pediatrics finds no reason for parents to delay or avoid vaccines for their children, concluding that the risk for health issues associated with them is low. The trend to postpone vaccination is worrying doctors and public health officials.

On a recent trip to Atlanta, Sara Kendall and her family had the opportunity to spend a day at Six Flags Over Georgia. At just around 4-hours away by car, the amusement park is close enough to entice thrill-seeking adventurers looking for something more than a local day trip experience.

As the summer days heat up, the kids will be looking to cool down in doors more. Why not let them have a little fun while learning something new by experimenting with science? Club Scientific South Charlotte shares a Color Changing Milk Experiment that's easy to do and full of fun!

Pediatrician Rhonda Patt offers suggestions for soothing a sunburned child's skin, but advises that using caution and being proactive when it comes to sun exposure are best.

What happens in the case of divorce in a non-traditional arrangement where the husband stays home with children and the wife focuses on a lucrative career? Sodoma Law shares insight into a growing trend among couples in this situation.

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