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  • Holden Beach
    Travel blogger Sara Kendall continues her beach series on North Carolina's Brunswick Islands. Encompassing six separate beach communities spread out on five barrier islands. This week's installment includes details on the fabulous family destination of Holden Beach.
  • Pillow pocket
    What's not for kids to love about this scrumptious and fun recipe? Susan Caldwell of Flour Power Kids Cooking Studio in Charlotte says these are a favorite treat in her household and that little hands love rolling out the dough. Get your kids in the kitchen & get cooking!
  • Superkid
    Are parents really helping their kids follow their dreams or are they setting them up with the false notion that they can do whatever they set their minds to? Writer Suzanne Broughton is focusing on teaching perseverance and responsibility, and thinks kids would be better served if more parents focused on these types of traits instead of reaching their dreams.
  • Teen money
    In many parent-teen relationships, the teen’s desire for freedom and the parent’s desire for responsible behavior are in a state of tension. But John Rosemond thinks there's an easy way to prevent it from happening in the first place, and that is for the parent to give the teen the freedom the parent wants him to learn to handle, along with the means of handling it.
  • Circus
    This isn't your parents' circus....Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® brings the unbelievable to children of all ages in a new show – - Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Presents LEGENDS. Big cats, motorcycle daredevils, acrobats on bikes, Asian elephants, and a never before seen flying trapeze act - this show really is the greatest on Earth!
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Mom of the Week

Charlotte mom Wyndie Sitt knows how overwhelming health and wellness can be to moms. That's why Simply Healthy was created - to educate, empower and support families who are looking to make healthy lifestyle changes. Are you ready to live a simply healthy life?

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