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  • Surrogacy
    How do you tell well-wishing people that the babies in your belly aren't really yours? Or do you share that part of the news at all? In this week's blog, three time surrogate Stacey Ashe explains what she did and didn't share, and how she was able to have a little fun with people in the midst of it all.
  • backpack picture
    There's still more summer, but that doesn't mean you can't get prepared for the upcoming back-to-school season. The Deal Diva has a jump start on the savings with the hottest bargains at local stores.
  • Balance
    We're heading toward a busy time of year, when moms everywhere begin to feel overwhelmed by kids, husbands, school, work, forms, papers, volunteering - everything! Life coach Mike Duralia takes on the challenge of creating balance in our lives with an explanation that will change the way you look at all you do as a mom.
  • Money
    Whether you have a large bank account or a small sum in your purse, your money should be handled with the future in mind. To get you on track for financial responsibility, Certified Financial Planner Cheryl Sherrard shares her top four guiding principles when it comes to money.
  • Name
    Much like choosing a name for your child, picking the right name for your business will distinguish it from others and convey the image you're seeking. Jennie Wong set out to find the best way to approach naming your other baby - your new business!
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Mom of the Week

Charlotte mother Nancy Johnson created the 'Jump for Joy' team with a mission of saving 1 million aluminum tabs from cans to raise money and awareness of the Ronald McDonald House. Those tiny little tabs are easy to overlook, but they can make a BIG impact on the families at Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte!

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  • Summer movie fun!

    Cool off on a lazy summer day at the movie theater or grab a blanket and a picnic and watch a show on a hot summer night. Either way, this list of theaters includes free and $1 movies all summer long.

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  • Kids eat free 2014

    Eating out doesn't have to cost a fortune. Check out these free -- or nearly free -- restaurant deals for kids.

  • Pack up the kids

    Sometimes a mini-vacation is in order. The family will love these quick day trips that only require a short drive from the Queen City.

  • STEM resources in Charlotte

    As STEM-based education is becoming more popular, the mandate for parents to be more involved in integrating STEM outside of school can be intimidating. But there are plenty of opportunities available to immerse your child in STEM-based learning at home. Writer Gi Hallmark looks at the resources available to local parents.

  • Building Your Home Library: 20 Great Chapter Books for Early Readers

    As your young reader becomes more independent, finding great series for them to experience is both necessary and easy with Gi Hallmark's guide to chapter books.

  • How to make the most of Harris Teeter's Super Double Coupon events

    The Deal Diva's tips to getting the best bargains when Harris Teeter holds their Super Double Coupon event. Start clipping & saving!

  • Exposing kids to art in Charlotte

    Whether they're creating it or admiring it, when children are exposed to art great things happen. Charlotte mom Gi Hallmark explores why art is crucial to child development and shares the best places to expose your children to art in the Queen City.

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