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July 21 - 27

Queen City Buzz shares this week's adventures, outings and event for you and your little ones.

From nose picking to head banging, some quirky behaviors are predictable and expected in young children.

Grab the popcorn and enjoy a movie night!

Nutritionist Melissa Herrman Dierks suggests getting healthy this summer by not dieting.

This week's HT menu features chicken, shrimp, pork & more - all for under $58!

With parenting comes guilt. That's what laughter & love are for!

Simple steps to keep children safe while caring for your lawn.

Modern Family Index shows employees with children struggling.

A new study finds that being cool in school may not mean good things for a kid's future.

Easy foods to have on hand for the kids from 100 Days of Real Food and Super Healthy Kids. Yum!

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