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The Deal Diva's tips to getting the best bargains when Harris Teeter holds their Super Double Coupon event. Start clipping & saving!

Eating out doesn't have to cost a fortune. Check out these free -- or nearly free -- restaurant deals for kids.

Looking for activities for your little ones to get involved in? Check out our list of art, dance, gymnastics and swimming classes for kids.

As STEM-based education is becoming more popular, there are plenty of opportunities available to immerse your child in STEM-based learning at home.

Free and inexpensive ways to find fun with your children all over town.

As your young reader becomes more independent, finding great series for them to experience is both necessary and easy with Gi Hallmark's guide to chapter books.

Listing of how to find childcare, resources for special needs and support groups

Whether they're creating it or admiring it, when children are exposed to art great things happen.

Looking for playgroups, socialization or support? Check out our incredible list of parenting groups.

Whether you are new to breastfeeding or looking for a friendly place to encourage your feeding , Charlotte resources for breastfeeding support are plentiful. This list offers classes, support groups, and individual consultants available to help moms throughout our area, as well as online resources.

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