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Two topics stood out in the final week of the Observer’s limericks contest: former President Bush’s paintings of world leaders, and half-joking bitterness over the success of John Long and son Wes Long in this contest.

Patrick Cannon’s arrest and resignation as Charlotte mayor, as expected, brought the limerick writers out in force for our contest this week. Alas, the topic is inherently more sad than funny and most attempts were just too serious for this space.

Nothing makes for limerick fodder like a mayor charged with corruption. Alas, that news broke too late Wednesday, so our poets have one week to figure out words that rhyme with Cannon.

This year’s limericks contest got off to a late start, but that didn’t slow participation. Nearly 100 entries poured in for this first week of poetic battle. Topping the topics were Duke Energy’s coal ash woes and Vladimir Putin’s strong arming of Crimea from Ukraine. And Panthers’ GM Dave Gettleman got a few slaps for canning Steve Smith.

You, too, can write limericks. But first, read this.

To write a good limerick, the first rule is to understand the specific rhyme scheme and the specific meter.
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