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The Charlotte 49ers have dismissed five players as an investigation into hazing in the baseball program continues. But baseball activities will resume.

Host Georgia has dropped Charlotte from a season-opening college baseball series as an investigation into hazing in the 49ers’ program continues.

Baseball operations at UNC Charlotte have temporarily stopped and several 49ers players suspended as an investigation into hazing in the baseball program continues.

Saturday’s Regional College Basketball Games for 11.22.14

The tension between academic integrity and athletic success is nothing new in college sports. Unfortunately, neither are the lengths – or depths – to which some fans will go to express their displeasure when whistle-blowers reveal where favorite schools fall short.

ESPN basketball analyst Jay Bilas sees college athletes at the highest level as exploited by the NCAA and wants them treated as professionals and paid.

As the money generated by college football and men’s basketball grows into the billions, there is more outcry for the players in those sports to share in the revenue.

The NCAA is taking steps to prevent the courts from deciding its future on compensating athletes.

Universities are bound by law – and the threat of losing federal funding – to give female athletes the same benefits and opportunities they give male athletes.

“I don’t think athletes are being exploited. I think there’s a symbiotic relationship there. Without the university platform for them to compete, there is no exposure for them. None. So that experience alone and that opportunity creates the platform for them, for visibility. … I just think the money issue has clouded what the real purpose is, regardless of where the money is coming from and how much is coming in. I want the whole story to be told about the value of an education and put dollars to that.”

July 1, 2016: Name, likeness and image licenses fees take effect for students enrolling in NCAA schools.

Cost of attendance: The “full and reasonable” cost of a scholarship for a full year for a full-time student, accounting for more than just tuition, room and board, books and fees, but also for the cost of traveling to and from home and other personal expenses.

Wake Forest athletics director Ron Wellman is in search of his bearings after decisions rendered on consecutive summer days rocked college sports. Like it or not, the NCAA has reached a tipping point and may soon look and act significantly different.

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