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The youngest Hanson brother handles an unruly fan with aplomb.

Video: The Avett Brothers did bluegrass versions of heavy metal classics like 'Iron Man' by Ozzy Osbourne.

Jasmine and Aaron dance to 'Bottom of the River' on 'So You Think You Can Dance.'

The 'Homeland' actress talks about being 'spoiled' with her role and shares how she decompresses after a day of filming. Plus, hear how much her 6-week-old baby is growing.


Valentina Lisitsa plays Beethoven's 'Moonlight' Sonata

Valentina Lisitsa plays Liszt's 'La Campanella'

Valentina Lisitsa, Chopin 24 Etudes DVD

In her pretty folk art paintings, Nellie reminds us of the ugliness in our past.

Egypt's election commission has declared Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood the winner of Egypt's first free elections.

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