January/March 2015

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Getting to I do

Kirsten Valle

It's here!

Kirsten counts down the final 10 days before her wedding.

The final countdown

One month to go!

Dress rehearsal

It takes more than a dress to make a bride.

'We're really getting married!'

Reality sets in as Kirsten and Reese purchase their wedding bands.

Time or money?

Kirsten realizes that sometimes, something's gotta give.

Time keeps on slippin'

It seems like we're always either trying to speed up time or slow it down. This engagement has been no different.

How inviting

From envelopes to engraving, Kirsten tackles the invites.

Here comes... the bride?

Kirsten explores the extremes of bridal beauty.

When planning gets personal

Kirsten delights in not always doing things by-the-book.

Style over substance

Kirsten gets to the good stuff.

The marriage manual

Readers offer Kirsten some matrimonial Cliffs Notes.

With a little help from my friends

Kirsten's girlfriends get her through the home stretch.

Storybook romance

Kirsten gleans some real-life advice from the real love around her.

The 180-day dash

Kirsten kicks it into high gear.

The Name Game

Kirsten doesn't know if she can till-death-do-us part with her name.

Paying It Forward

This holiday, Kirsten revels in the moments that matter.

Battle of the Bands

Kirsten and Reese look for wedding rings.

Brick by Brick

Kirsten and Reese watch their condo progress in step with their wedding plans.

Family First

Kirsten and Reese try to maintain holiday traditions while forging their own.

Enjoying the Ride

Kirsten finds time to reflect during a brief respite from planning.