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The famous oaks lining Queens Road West. 1995 FILE PHOTO

By Elizabeth Leland

If you donít plan to put down roots in Charlotte, hereís some advice: Get out quick. Before too long youíll find yourself settled in and calling this place home. When I moved here in 1985, I looked wistfully toward the coast in one direction and the mountains in the other, and friends predicted I would not be long for a city that seemed to rise from the middle of nowhere. The uptown was dying, the suburbs sprawling.

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5 things you might not know about Bank Town
The One Wells Fargo Center (left) and Bank of America Corporate Center (right).

By Andrew Dunn

Itís become part of the standard narrative of Charlotte: Weíre a business-minded town that grew into the banking center of the South. So if youíre here, youíve probably heard that Charlotte is the nationís No. 2 financial center after New York City, by virtue of being home to Bank of America. If youíre not one of the 50,000 finance sector workers in Mecklenburg County, you may know a dozen or two.

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