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By Scott Fowler

I have lived in the Charlotte area and written about its sports scene for the past 20 years for the Observer. And I can tell you with certainty that from a spectator’s standpoint it has never been better than it is right now. There was a three-day period in April 2014 that provided a taste of what will come with regularity over the next few years.

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Here are the secrets of life hereabouts
Romare Bearden Park. File.

By Mark Washburn

No matter where you go to live, you will find your new home has its peculiarities. Here are ours:
• In no time flat, we can build any kind of arena or stadium you can think of. We just can’t figure out how to add a lane to a highway.
• When the man says, “Gettin’ ’er bolted back up,” he means your car is almost ready.
• Only newscasters call it “the Queen City.”

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