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Teacher leaves school setting but still teaches at for-profit learning center

Posted at 9:38am on Sep. 10, 2014

David Henderson had planned to teach school his whole life. But a teacher’s salary was inadequate to support his growing family. So he found a way to combine his interests in teaching and in business.

Under discussion: Cemetery history

Posted at 1:55pm on Sep. 9, 2014

“Talking Tombstones” provides information on “Mount Pleasant’s most interesting deceased citizens” and three historic local cemeteries.

Cresses celebrate 100 years of Sunday school teaching

Posted at 1:20pm on Sep. 3, 2014

Lewis and Jane Cress together have led studies at St. John’s Lutheran for a century. They also celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary recently.

Season’s end approaches; it’s too darn hot

Posted at 12:05pm on Sep. 3, 2014

It’s time to prepare your gardens for the new plants you’ll set out next month, to shop for bulbs you’ll be planting in October; and to plant leafy greens that can mature in around 50 days.

Gardening: Final harvest for Organic Gardening magazine

Posted at 10:48am on Aug. 27, 2014

At the beginning of 2015, after 72 years, Organic Gardening magazine will cease publication. Rodale Inc., Organic Gardening’s publisher, says it will rebrand the magazine as Rodale’s Organic Life, offering ‘a fresh spin on food, garden, home and well-being.’

Food Ministry helps hungry Mount Pleasant neighbors

Posted at 2:07pm on Aug. 27, 2014

“There’s no reason for anybody in the Mount Pleasant school district to go hungry,” said Harry Lassiter, founder of the Mount Pleasant Food Ministry.

Don’t sacrifice Cabarrus County Public Library for budget savings

Posted at 10:50am on Aug. 21, 2014

The Cabarrus County Public Library welcomes everyone, regardless of class, race, color or religion, treats everyone the same and offers numerous resources with a minimal budget. It shouldn’t be politicized.

New Mount Pleasant principals plan to celebrate the positive

Posted at 9:55am on Aug. 21, 2014

Both Mount Pleasant High and Middle schools have new principals, something that hasn’t happened in this small town since the last century. Both new leaders recognize and appreciate the Mount Pleasant schools’ unique ties to the community.

Southern accent: Summer vacation can be a pain in the neck

Posted at 3:52pm on Aug. 12, 2014

I may not want to browse the school-supply aisles at Walmart just yet, but I do feel a bit like lying down.

Mount Pleasant’s Austin Parker aims to kick for Duke

Posted at 10:28am on Aug. 13, 2014

Now that the Mount Pleasant High’s senior kicker and quarterback Austin Parker has verbally committed to play football for the Duke University Blue Devils, he’s a true (royal) blue fan.