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Walking across America, Sam Tidwell doesn’t know the story yet

Posted at 10:07am on Sep. 18, 2014

Sam Tidwell said one goal of his cross-country trek is to try to prove that “generosity, trustworthiness and kindness will manifest in every environment.”

Gold Hill’s past glistens on Sept. 27

Posted at 2:35pm on Sep. 18, 2014

Sept. 27 will be the 25th time people have flocked to Gold Hill to remember its history, learn about the past, eat well and have a good time.

Teacher leaves school setting but still teaches at for-profit learning center

Posted at 9:38am on Sep. 10, 2014

David Henderson had planned to teach school his whole life. But a teacher’s salary was inadequate to support his growing family. So he found a way to combine his interests in teaching and in business.

Under discussion: Cemetery history

Posted at 1:55pm on Sep. 9, 2014

“Talking Tombstones” provides information on “Mount Pleasant’s most interesting deceased citizens” and three historic local cemeteries.

Cresses celebrate 100 years of Sunday school teaching

Posted at 1:20pm on Sep. 3, 2014

Lewis and Jane Cress together have led studies at St. John’s Lutheran for a century. They also celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary recently.

Season’s end approaches; it’s too darn hot

Posted at 12:05pm on Sep. 3, 2014

It’s time to prepare your gardens for the new plants you’ll set out next month, to shop for bulbs you’ll be planting in October; and to plant leafy greens that can mature in around 50 days.

Gardening: Final harvest for Organic Gardening magazine

Posted at 10:48am on Aug. 27, 2014

At the beginning of 2015, after 72 years, Organic Gardening magazine will cease publication. Rodale Inc., Organic Gardening’s publisher, says it will rebrand the magazine as Rodale’s Organic Life, offering ‘a fresh spin on food, garden, home and well-being.’

Food Ministry helps hungry Mount Pleasant neighbors

Posted at 2:07pm on Aug. 27, 2014

“There’s no reason for anybody in the Mount Pleasant school district to go hungry,” said Harry Lassiter, founder of the Mount Pleasant Food Ministry.

New Mount Pleasant principals plan to celebrate the positive

Posted at 9:55am on Aug. 21, 2014

Both Mount Pleasant High and Middle schools have new principals, something that hasn’t happened in this small town since the last century. Both new leaders recognize and appreciate the Mount Pleasant schools’ unique ties to the community.

Don’t sacrifice Cabarrus County Public Library for budget savings

Posted at 10:50am on Aug. 21, 2014

The Cabarrus County Public Library welcomes everyone, regardless of class, race, color or religion, treats everyone the same and offers numerous resources with a minimal budget. It shouldn’t be politicized.

Southern accent: Summer vacation can be a pain in the neck

Posted at 3:52pm on Aug. 12, 2014

I may not want to browse the school-supply aisles at Walmart just yet, but I do feel a bit like lying down.

Mount Pleasant’s Austin Parker aims to kick for Duke

Posted at 10:28am on Aug. 13, 2014

Now that the Mount Pleasant High’s senior kicker and quarterback Austin Parker has verbally committed to play football for the Duke University Blue Devils, he’s a true (royal) blue fan.

Our love for this ’78 Ford defies logic

Posted at 1:53pm on Aug. 7, 2014

Some of our neighbors probably think we got rid of it.

Performance caps summer reading program

Posted at 10:44am on Jul. 30, 2014

The bad news is that once we turn that calendar to August, the end of summer is in sight.

Fishing with Capt. Gus: I caught questions; you can catch the answers

Posted at 2:17pm on Jul. 29, 2014

This column attempts to answer some of the questions posed by our readers. Here are a few that might be of interest to everyone.

Southern accent: Katy Perry, Emily Dickinson compete for memory space

Posted at 1:59pm on Jul. 22, 2014

Part of my educational philosophy is that atmosphere is crucial. What we read, watch and listen to will become the gallery of our minds. Now Pandora is gumming up the works.

Fishing with Capt. Gus: Try these baits for hot-season fishing

Posted at 1:15pm on Jul. 22, 2014

August is good for sunfish, white perch and channel catfish – which bite throughout the day.

Researcher Ben Callahan tells how Mount Pleasant grew in 1900s

Posted at 1:05pm on Jul. 22, 2014

Presentation by amateur historian Ben Callahan covers “The Town of Mount Pleasant: The Second Fifty Years, 1910-1960.”

‘Jungle Run’ will offer surprises on trail

Posted at 12:48pm on Jul. 17, 2014

Proceeds from the 5K race and the 1-mile kids run will go to the American Heart Association in memory of Thomas Welch and the Prayers for Elijah Cancer Fund to help cancer patient Elijah Aschbrenner.

Mount Pleasant High masonry graduate wins national championship

Posted at 3:10pm on Jul. 16, 2014

Daniel Furr became the lastest Mount Pleasant High School product to win the national championship in masonry when he brought home the gold medal from the 50th annual National Leadership and Skills Conference in Kansas City last month.

Late blight threatens Carolinas tomatoes

Posted at 2:00pm on Jul. 18, 2014

Late blight, the dreaded disease that wiped out the East Coast tomato crop in 2009, has shown up again in North Carolina.

Mount Pleasant antiques dealer does things on a large scale

Posted at 9:30am on Jul. 9, 2014

Antiques dealer bought a tractor-trailer load of cast-iron doorstops, two loads of Coca-Cola crates and 100,000 apothecary bottle stoppers, and they’re all selling. They joined a metal horse and a 10-foot chicken leaning against a barn.

Our heart, history remain in Cabarrus

Posted at 9:41am on Jul. 9, 2014

Cabarrus County’s first and only Jewish congregation bows to geographic realities in moving to University City area.

Brookdale Place of Concord Assisted Living Center celebrates name change

Posted at 9:28am on Jul. 2, 2014

Imagine living in a place where all your meals are prepared and served, your room and clothes are cleaned for you, and all you have to do is wonder what time the entertainment starts.

Mount Pleasant High School artist praised for her work

Posted at 1:21pm on Jun. 26, 2014

If artists were novels, Jazmin Williams wouldn’t be a psychological thriller with strange plot twists and difficult prose. She’s not a pensive, brooding artist.

What’s frivolity to the old is a selfie to the young

Posted at 11:33am on Jun. 24, 2014

The young betray all that is bad about their generation with just two annoying habits: The exclamation point and the selfie.

Mount Pleasant does July Fourth its own way

Posted at 10:27am on Jun. 18, 2014

The Miss Mount Pleasant Independence Day pageant on June 26 will open the town’s celebration this year, which will start in earnest with a parade June 28.

Southern accent: Who decided children shouldn’t do chores?

Posted at 8:43am on Jun. 11, 2014

Kids seem to cause more chaos when they’re not doing chores, and they have plenty of time for play even if they do help around the house.

New church worships on Saturday evenings

Posted at 2:16pm on Jun. 11, 2014

He’s Alive Church launched in Concord on April 20, attracting close to 700 worshipers to its first official service.

Concord grows large but stays small

Posted at 1:38pm on Jun. 11, 2014

When growth was a blessing and a problem here, folks who had lived here for generations did not mince words about the folks like me who were moving here in droves, who were “not from around here.” Twenty-some years later, I find we’ve done pretty well on managing our problems with good will, good spirits and a lot of hopeful dedication to the tasks we face.

On the track: J.P. Morgan plans K&N Series entry while vying for Pro Cup title

Posted at 10:01am on Jun. 12, 2014

J.P. Morgan was 22 years old before he started driving race cars. Now, he possesses 13 Pro Cup Series victories, two series championships and is planning his entrance into NASCAR’s K&N Pro Series East.

Fishing with Gus: Appeal to what fish want in prey

Posted at 2:19pm on Jun. 4, 2014

To catch a fish, think like a fish; that means catch each species by luring it with bait according to how they catch their food.

Visitors to Reed Gold Mine State Historic Site try their hand at finding a fortune

Posted at 10:42am on Jun. 4, 2014

Panning for gold may be the highlight of most people’s visit to Reed Gold Mine State Historic Site. The site will to stage is annual statewide gold panning competition June 14.

Fishing with Capt. Gus: Bass anglers use ‘run and gun’ strategy

Posted at 10:52am on May. 27, 2014

Ever wonder why bass fishermen move around so much? The answer is simple: They’re attempting to catch as many fish as they can in a very short period of time. To do so, they target aggressive bass, the ones that hit as soon as the bait touches the water, and then they move on.

Retiring Mount Pleasant High principal says she will miss coaching teachers

Posted at 11:52pm on May. 27, 2014

Mount Pleasant High’s top administrator, who is leaving after nearly 20 years at the eastern Cabarrus County school, says her final commencement this month will be bittersweet.

Flowers tell the story: Concord and the Piedmont are now home

Posted at 1:56pm on May. 28, 2014

My childhood in the Midwest is a source of memories and stories to tell, but it is no longer home.

Cabarrus teacher of the year is Central Cabarrus math educator

Posted at 9:26am on May. 21, 2014

Good teaching means building relationships, finding motivators, providing one-on-one help, she says.

Students power Mount Pleasant High School’s clothing drive

Posted at 10:43am on May. 21, 2014

Close-Knit Closet is an apt name for the massive clothing drive going on now at Mount Pleasant High School. The plan is simple: Get gently used clothing to people who need it.

On Common Ground: Teachers matter in students’ lives

Posted at 10:29am on May. 15, 2014

The people I know who teach, care. That’s why they became teachers. But I live in a state where teacher pay is among the worst in the nation.

Mount Pleasant’s Austin Porter reaches for stardom – at age 16

Posted at 12:00pm on May. 15, 2014

The path to stardom that 16-year-old Austin Porter is taking is paved with Tweets, YouTube views and Facebook likes. He’s got an army of fans – called “rePorters” – who connect with him online, and a budding career that keeps him very busy.