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Spartan Sprint was back for a 5K obstacle race in Georgeville

Posted at 3:00pm on Mar. 25, 2014

Charlotte’s Spartan Sprint obstacle race took place March22-23 at Porter Farms in Georgeville.

Rescuing daffodils means singing a different song

Posted at 11:52pm on Mar. 18, 2014

With its references to storms and wind, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” apparently wasn’t the right song to sing while trying to protect early blooms from late wintry blasts.

Concord woman says diet put MS in remission

Posted at 12:44pm on Mar. 20, 2014

Using what’s known as an antigen leukocyte antibody test, foundation is committed to helping others find their path to wellness through food intolerance testing.

Challenged Mount Pleasant Middle School 7th-grader with a lot of fans takes the court, scores

Posted at 3:01pm on Mar. 11, 2014

A challenged Noah Page helped at practice and served as water boy at home basketball games… then suited up for the final game.

Mount Pleasant teacher, cancer survivor will spend night in school trophy case to raise money for Relay For Life team

Posted at 12:49pm on Mar. 5, 2014

Julie Stephenson hopes to raise money for Mount Pleasant Tigers Relay For Life team – and the fight against cancer – by spending a night in a trophy case at Mount Pleasant Middle School.

Crossroads Church in Concord starts weekend feeding program

Posted at 12:08pm on Feb. 27, 2014

For many children, school is the only source they have for square meals

Blackbeard artifacts on exhibit this month at Reed Gold Mine in Midland

Posted at 9:32am on Feb. 27, 2014

For the next month – until April 5 – the Reed Mine Historical Site is hosting a traveling exhibit called “Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge: 1718.” It features items recovered from a shipwrecked vessel belonging to Blackbeard the pirate.

Fourth-graders learn about N.C. regions

Posted at 12:23pm on Feb. 18, 2014

Sweet tea, lighthouses, shagging, Native Americans and fish sticks. What’s the common thread?

When Bible study become ‘medium of love’

Posted at 12:46pm on Feb. 18, 2014

In Genesis 27, Jacob is egged on by his mother, Rebecca, to steal Esau’s blessing. He lies to his father, Isaac. Jacob is a liar, a trickster, and a thief.

Take a free taste of Greek food in Concord

Posted at 4:31pm on Feb. 11, 2014

Gateway To Athens restaurant, in Concord’s Afton Village, will offer samples of its scratch-made entrees 6-9 p.m. Feb. 21.

May I ‘woot’ for Maurice Chevalier?

Posted at 3:28pm on Feb. 4, 2014

Times are changing too fast for me – and so is our language.

Kids help the hungry, ‘Souper Bowl’ style

Posted at 3:08pm on Feb. 4, 2014

Football-themed drive at grade school brought in cans for Mount Pleasant Food Ministry.

Cabarrus teacher’s original play gets state-level recognition

Posted at 4:19pm on Jan. 30, 2014

Northwest Cabarrus High’s Rassler inspired by how her disabled sister was treated

Help came right when Mount Pleasant teacher needed it

Posted at 12:49pm on Jan. 29, 2014

The Vickie S. Honeycutt Foundation, named for an outstanding teacher and mentor to aspiring teachers who died of breast cancer in 2010, helps educators who are battling cancer.

No, thanks, I’ll exercise at home

Posted at 3:18pm on Jan. 21, 2014

Somehow, exercising in public is always embarrassing

How to show off North Carolina and Cabarrus

Posted at 1:34pm on Jan. 23, 2014

History, nature, memories and quiet are still to be found here

Uninvited guest brightens up winter

Posted at 10:14am on Jan. 22, 2014

Not a chameleon, the Carolina anole turns only green or brown.

New trail will benefit Midland

Posted at 11:29pm on Jan. 14, 2014

Soon, Midland will be welcoming guests from all over the area to enjoy the natural beauty of southeastern Cabarrus County with the imminent opening of a new section of the Carolina Thread Trail.

Dr. Allen Dobson: People long for personal care

Posted at 10:05am on Dec. 31, 2013

Community doctor marks 30 years in Mount Pleasant, caring for the whole family.

Year’s favorite stories make eastern Cabarrus writer grateful

Posted at 2:37pm on Dec. 26, 2013

Grand marshal, Tough Mudder host, Midland library effort and community’s help after lumber company fire encompass much of what’s great about eastern Cabarrus County.

Comparing Affordable Care Act to Nazism and terrorism is obscene

Posted at 3:53pm on Dec. 24, 2013

State Sen. Bob Rucho’s unapologetic tweet, and his defense of it, displays utter contempt for the sufferings of real human beings, past and present, and callous disregard for the well-being of children.

Hey, wake up! It’s the yawn of a new day

Posted at 2:53pm on Dec. 19, 2013

“I know that feeling rather intimately,” answered my linguist and language-loving husband, Ralf.

Concord nonprofit helps sex-trafficking victims

Posted at 1:11pm on Dec. 17, 2013

The organization has helped 29 women and girls in 2 years; right now it’s providing direct services for 6 women and their children, but it needs needs more resources.

Despite fire, ministry holds successful toy drive

Posted at 1:09pm on Dec. 17, 2013

Dec. 12, just two days before its big charitable Christmas event, West Stanly Christian Ministries in Stanfield was visited by a Grinch in the form of a fire. But their Day of Giving proved to be a great success.

Great holiday shopping oh-so close to home in eastern Cabarrus

Posted at 4:29pm on Dec. 10, 2013

Stay close to home to do your shopping this year: There are great gifts to be found right here in eastern Cabarrus County.

Mount Pleasant festivities planned

Posted at 11:46am on Dec. 3, 2013

For many of us, it doesn’t feel like Christmas until we’ve seen Santa and a parade.

Reed Mine to celebrate Christmas Dec. 7

Posted at 2:56pm on Nov. 27, 2013

“A Golden Christmas” will feature decorated mine tunnels, tours, crafts, historical demonstrations, music and refreshments.

Speaker brings together Jews, Christians

Posted at 2:29pm on Nov. 27, 2013

Brilliant, witty, internationally noted author and speaker’s topic will be “The Misunderstood Jew: The Church and the Scandal of the Jewish Jesus.”

Thanksgiving dinner in Mount Pleasant needs volunteers

Posted at 1:27pm on Nov. 21, 2013

About 200 people showed up for last year’s free dinner. This year’s is 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

Cabarrus girl, 9, tells her story in sermon

Posted at 6:06pm on Nov. 13, 2013

Her message, titled “Strength in Christ,” is available on YouTube.

Gratitude, thanksgiving and respect

Posted at 11:19am on Nov. 13, 2013

Don’t assume our own ideas are the only ideas worth having.

Big horns join to celebrate holidays

Posted at 5:28pm on Nov. 13, 2013

It’s that time of year again. Don’t you just feel it in the air? People are hanging up lights, shopping for gifts and baking cookies.

1950s motel in Mount Pleasant gets its 2nd dramatic role

Posted at 2:38pm on Nov. 5, 2013

Owners work hard to keep it as attractive and charming as it was in the early days of postwar motor travel.

Midland now has old-fashioned community store – Riverbend Farm Mercantile

Posted at 12:23pm on Oct. 29, 2013

For years, school groups and families have visited Riverbend Farm in Midland to play, learn, take wagon rides and get pumpkins. Jim Little and his wife, Mary, have worked hard to make their farm a fun and welcoming place for the public, and now they’ve expanded that sense of business serving the community with a store called Riverbend Farm Mercantile.

Christine Sponsler was a beacon of graciousness

Posted at 11:40am on Oct. 29, 2013

Christine Sponsler took all the best I ever experienced in Southern culture – and made it even finer. She cared to make people feel comfortable, to be ready with a welcome that was thoroughly heartfelt.

Concord leisure planning site grows in popularity

Posted at 12:58pm on Oct. 30, 2013

ConcordFun.com keeps up with dozens of activities and deals in and around Concord.