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10th Big Day at Lake held this week

Posted at 10:06am on Jul. 11, 2014

When Cornelius businessman Dave Yochum came up with Big Day at the Lake, his idea was to give some underprivileged children a day of swimming and boating on Lake Norman.

Massage therapist objects to ‘sexiest’ category

Posted at 2:13pm on Jul. 7, 2014

Cornelius licensed massage therapist says movoto.com ‘sexiest suburbs’ rankings confuse her profession with a much older one, as represented by shady ‘massage parlors.’

Lake Norman is stocked with hardier hybrid striped bass

Posted at 11:39am on Jul. 2, 2014

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission stocked 162,500 fingerling hybrid striped bass in Lake Norman on June 23. This is the second year that hybrids, rather than striped bass, have been stocked by the state.

Grass carp help keep hydrilla under control on LKN

Posted at 11:19am on Jun. 26, 2014


Cornelius is a ‘sexy’ suburb? Really?

Posted at 8:16am on Jun. 18, 2014

The real estate website movoto.com ranks Cornelius as the nation’s fourth-sexiest suburb, after Miami Beach, Fla., Jacksonville Beach, Fla., and Santa Monica, Calif. The site’s blog says the town “kept things classy,” ranking low on adult entertainment.

LNMC gives approval to swimming area at Ramsey Creek Park

Posted at 10:55am on Jun. 13, 2014

Marine commissioners endorse Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Dept. plan to build a half-acre beach and half-acre swimming area at the Cornelius lakeside park

Southern accent: Who decided children shouldn’t do chores?

Posted at 8:43am on Jun. 11, 2014

Kids seem to cause more chaos when they’re not doing chores, and they have plenty of time for play even if they do help around the house.

Studio-C adds to screenings, upgrades equipment in Cornelius

Posted at 9:27am on Jun. 12, 2014

This summer, Studio-C Cinema, at the Cornelius Arts Center, will expand the number of screenings to provide both a wider range of films and wider choice of dates.

Fishing with Gus: Appeal to what fish want in prey

Posted at 2:19pm on Jun. 4, 2014

To catch a fish, think like a fish; that means catch each species by luring it with bait according to how they catch their food.

Exit 28 on I-77 at Cornelius almost ready to open

Posted at 8:30am on Jun. 4, 2014

Visit Cornelius.org and click on DDI for links to see how traffic will flow once the ‘diverging diamond’ interchange at I-77 Exit 28 is completed. Bridge will be closed June 20-22 to make the switch to the new traffic pattern.

LNYC to hold annual sailing camp

Posted at 12:53pm on May. 29, 2014

The Lake Norman Yacht Club will hold its 43rd annual youth sailing camp the week of June 16-20.

Fishing with Capt. Gus: Bass anglers use ‘run and gun’ strategy

Posted at 10:52am on May. 27, 2014

Ever wonder why bass fishermen move around so much? The answer is simple: They’re attempting to catch as many fish as they can in a very short period of time. To do so, they target aggressive bass, the ones that hit as soon as the bait touches the water, and then they move on.

Hickory pastor bikes cross-country to raise awareness of human trafficking

Posted at 3:03pm on May. 28, 2014

Mark Andrews, pastor of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, is on a summer-long bicycle ride across the country to raise awareness of human trafficking.

Cornelius couple to celebrate 70th anniversary

Posted at 11:06am on May. 28, 2014

Introduced by her brother, Russell Swank married Jeanne while he was serving in the Navy during World War II. They have three children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

This bird’s not picky about pecking

Posted at 1:57pm on Apr. 22, 2014

It’s not so much that the woodpecker in our yard gets to work before 6:30 a.m. every day, but that he wakes the children, which means Mom gets no more sleep.

Cornelius: Everyone’s a neighbor in our town

Posted at 1:09pm on May. 22, 2014

Living in Cornelius, we may not be friends with everyone we meet, but we are all neighbors and treat each other that way. Last week, I was involved in two events that prove that point.

No juleps, fancy dresses at this Mooresville garden party

Posted at 8:26am on May. 21, 2014

Friends get together each spring to exchange favorite or meaningful plants and tell their stories. It’s fun to see the ‘adopted’ plants blossom and remember a friend.

Southern Accent: The universe offers great views

Posted at 11:13pm on May. 14, 2014

Cub Scouts camping trip offered numerous opportunities to study the same things Galileo, the father of modern science, observed more than 400 years ago.

Of pickleball, author Q&A and detour info

Posted at 10:54am on May. 14, 2014

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. May 31, the Cornelius PARC Department will host a senior pickleball tournament at J.V. Washam Recreation Center.

Gladys’ garden adds beauty, life at Cornelius community garden

Posted at 12:47pm on May. 7, 2014

Gladys Lessey loves being outdoors, planting flowers, veggies and, now, a stone angel

Lake Norman to host Stand Up for the Catawba paddleboard races

Posted at 1:02pm on May. 1, 2014

The inaugural Stand Up for the Catawba races on Lake Norman will be held this weekend.

Documentary follows video-gaming teens

Posted at 9:09am on Apr. 30, 2014

Arts Center theater was full for free showing. Gamers shown rejecting nature

Jetton Park offers wildlife, amenities

Posted at 8:57am on Apr. 23, 2014

One of my favorite places in Cornelius is Jetton Park. When my sons were younger and the weather was warm, our family would go there at least once a week to the playground, to ride bikes or to have a cookout at one of the picnic sites.

Staff, consultant shaping town’s master plan for parks & recreation

Posted at 9:15am on Apr. 23, 2014

Davidson has long been heralded as a place where residents value open parks and wellness, fitness and green space. The residents who love this town are now encouraged to attend a Parks & Recreation Master Plan public information session at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 1, at Davidson Town Hall.

Anglers’ pranks can get out of hand

Posted at 3:09pm on Apr. 22, 2014

Anglers are always playing pranks on one another, particularly at the end of the day when they’re on a faraway fishing trip. Most pranks are innocent enough and just for a laugh or two, but sometimes it can go a little too far.

Cornelius PARC Department has plenty to offer this spring

Posted at 10:29am on Apr. 16, 2014

Adult sailing, stand-up paddleboarding for beginners, tai chi for adults, cheerleading for youth and a family-friendly music festival are planned starting in May.

Visiting author Sharon Draper connects with kids at Mooresville Middle School

Posted at 4:06pm on Apr. 9, 2014

Walking briskly in front of gym bleachers, author Sharon Draper talked about reading and the writing process.

Cornelius names new special-needs rec coordinator

Posted at 3:57pm on Apr. 9, 2014

Everyone’s invited to discuss program needs with Nicole Groth.

Newest 'rock reef' to improve fishing opportunities on LKN

Posted at 1:05pm on Apr. 8, 2014

Three-year-old project by North Carolina Wildlife Federation, Duke Energy's Habitat Enhancement Program gives bait fish a permanent cover site, which in turn attracts a variety of bass and other large game fish

Cornelius girl is lighting Ghana with learning

Posted at 2:22pm on Apr. 1, 2014

A SouthLake Christian Academy student from Cornelius has founded a charity that supplies a school in Ghana, West Africa, that’s named for her grandmother.

Lake Norman to host Carolina Bass Challenge events through 2016

Posted at 12:03pm on Mar. 27, 2014

Agreement with Visit Lake Norman, the area's convention and visitor's bureau, will see North Carolina's largest man-made lake host five events – including two major tournaments – over the next three years

Reptile Day slithers into Davidson April 12

Posted at 2:56pm on Mar. 25, 2014

Snakes, turtles and other reptiles local to our area will be out greeting the community at the 14th annual Reptile Day from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. April 12.

Spring brings beauty at favorite stop sign

Posted at 12:28pm on Mar. 26, 2014

Spring is always my favorite time of year in Cornelius. The grass turns green again, Magnolia trees flower, tulips and irises you forgot you planted re-bloom, daffodils pop up and Bradford pear trees pale all of them. I drive down or up some hills and marvel at the beauty of the trees.

E-Day brings the fun classes

Posted at 11:55pm on Mar. 18, 2014

Once a week, homeschool parents cooperate on enrichment projects for their students. E-Day gives kids a chance to explore interests beyond what they typically study at home the rest of the week.

Lake Norman boat-sharing club wins three national awards

Posted at 1:29pm on Mar. 20, 2014

Boating and Water Sports Festival set for March 29

Lake Norman lacrosse player draws friends into the sport

Posted at 1:06pm on Mar. 19, 2014

Eight years ago, Matt Crowell started playing lacrosse because his next-door neighbor in the Peninsula in Cornelius played the sport and he thought it was cool. Now a high school junior, he’s an attacker on an LKN club team.

LNMC takes next step in budget process

Posted at 3:33pm on Mar. 13, 2014

Representatives of the Lake Norman Marine Commission submit funding request of $25,500 to each of the counties surrounding the lake

Touched by hospice experiences, they stage fundraiser for HPCIC

Posted at 12:40pm on Mar. 14, 2014

Event raised money for nonprofit hospice serving Iredell and nine contiguous counties.

Keep posted on additional traffic delays at I-77 Exit 28

Posted at 12:49pm on Mar. 12, 2014

At the end of February, the N.C. Department of Transportation informed the town of some changes to the original construction schedule. There will be more daytime lane closures, and there may be some unexpected ones, due to the construction conditions.

Cakes are for eating, not posting

Posted at 3:20pm on Mar. 13, 2014

Columnist Erica Batten writes about the trend of posting pictures of cakes on social media.