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Elina Lev’s first attempt at a green card was turned down because the CSO wasn’t “distinguished” enough.

Two uptown New York City museums are teaming up this summer to attract more visitors with some cool outdoor activities.

San Diego’s Constance White will start on Sept. 2.

Light Factory’s rebirth will bring 150 photographers to Tryon Street for massive panoramic shot

In addition to a renovated ladies restroom, Blumenthal Performing Arts is replacing seats at Belk Theater this summer.

It has been less than a week since Valerie Macon, a relative unknown, was named to the prestigious position, prompting much consternation by some in North Carolina's art community.

Strong singers mark national tour of ‘Porgy and Bess’ at Belk Theater through July 20.

On Q, Charlotte’s only African-American theater company, received the Knight Foundation grant following years of financial instability.

Weigh in with your poem on the issue of selecting the state's poet laureate by midnight Thursday.

In defending his choice of a self-published poet to represent North Carolina, Gov. Pat McCrory said the poet laureate position shouldn't be limited to cultural elites.

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