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Apparently I have a weird idea of vacation because Jenifer, Ellie and Levi are of the opinion that a week at the beach would have been more to their liking.

My dad was down here on Tuesday checking on his cows. He stopped by the house and wanted to know if our piglets were supposed to be free-ranging.

That electrified fence sure can hurt!

Frick and Frack are running free again.

We have had our hummingbird feeders up for over a month and finally spotted our first hummingbird last week.

Jenifer spent a large part of the week hand-watering everything in the fields and then laying out drip irrigation lines on all the beds. She finished Thursday morning, so naturally it rained Thursday evening.

I finally got some beans planted on Wednesday: A 100-foot row of soybeans for edamame and six rows of Tongue of Fire shelling beans; I planted 200 feet of Schronce's Deep Black peanuts just to see what they will do.

I pulled the outer tines off our tiller to do some strip tillage to plant tomatoes, squash and cucumbers on Tuesday.

Jenifer called me Monday morning and said she could not find Gretchen, our female gray cotton patch goose.

Weekend before last, it was finally dry enough to work the soil in our garden, so I was trying to cram five days of farm work into Saturday and Sunday.

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Dean Mullis
Dean Mullis writes from Laughing Owl Farm in Richfield.