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Restaurant news: Mellow Mushroom growing in Charlotte area

Posted at 2:13pm on Aug. 15, 2014

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers continues to grow in the Charlotte area, recently opening a store in Rock Hill at Manchester Village.

Southern accent: Summer vacation can be a pain in the neck

Posted at 3:52pm on Aug. 12, 2014

I may not want to browse the school-supply aisles at Walmart just yet, but I do feel a bit like lying down.

More door-to-door efforts noted in Union

Posted at 1:06pm on Aug. 8, 2014

I’ve heard from three more readers with steak-seller stories to share. They responded to a column I wrote last month recounting my scamlike experience with a young man who pulled in my driveway to sell frozen steaks from the back of his dark brown pickup truck.

Charlotte chef’s journey lands him at Vine American Kitchen

Posted at 12:23pm on Aug. 8, 2014

Sam Diminich, 37, took on the executive chef position at Vine American Kitchen this past spring, motivated by the restaurant’s chef-driven approach and its commitment to ‘a great restaurant experience.’

All about people: Charlotte is home to former German decathlete

Posted at 11:42am on Aug. 8, 2014

Wolfgang Heise competed as a decathlete in Germany before moving to the United States.

Waxhaw incubator helps small businesses get started

Posted at 12:09pm on Aug. 8, 2014

It’s a commonly accepted belief that businesses grow in one of two ways: They either develop through internally created ideas and expansions or they merge with an existing business.

Fishing with Capt. Gus: I caught questions; you can catch the answers

Posted at 2:17pm on Jul. 29, 2014

This column attempts to answer some of the questions posed by our readers. Here are a few that might be of interest to everyone.

Charlotte’s Billy Graham Library collecting school supplies

Posted at 9:13am on Jul. 31, 2014

A yellow school bus will be parked outside the Billy Graham Library this week, and library staff hope that by Aug.9 it will be filled with school supplies.

Knowing genetic history can save your life

Posted at 12:48pm on Jul. 24, 2014

When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in May 2011, I learned that the pathologist who found my cancer also saw markings consistent with the BRCA genetic mutation that is prevalent among people with Ashkenazi Jewish lineage.

Southern accent: Katy Perry, Emily Dickinson compete for memory space

Posted at 1:59pm on Jul. 22, 2014

Part of my educational philosophy is that atmosphere is crucial. What we read, watch and listen to will become the gallery of our minds. Now Pandora is gumming up the works.

Fishing with Capt. Gus: Try these baits for hot-season fishing

Posted at 1:15pm on Jul. 22, 2014

August is good for sunfish, white perch and channel catfish – which bite throughout the day.

SouthPark Eats Alternative: Keep on truckin’

Posted at 1:30pm on Jul. 15, 2014

SouthPark Eats Alternative hosts Food Truck Wednesdays each week in SouthPark’s Fairview Plaza.

Late blight threatens Carolinas tomatoes

Posted at 2:00pm on Jul. 18, 2014

Late blight, the dreaded disease that wiped out the East Coast tomato crop in 2009, has shown up again in North Carolina.

Newcomers are this Pa. native’s business

Posted at 3:05pm on Jul. 11, 2014

Lisa Todd knows how to embrace change.

Steak sale wasn’t a scam, but it felt like one

Posted at 11:38am on Jul. 11, 2014

Something seemed shady about the guy who recently pulled his dark brown pickup into our driveway, but I put my blinders on.

Waxhaw Farmers Market has some new offerings

Posted at 10:53am on Jul. 11, 2014

Visit the Waxhaw Farmers market any Saturday until autumn and your eyes will dance from the plethora of colors, and its only going to get brighter and more varied.

Restaurant news

Posted at 2:37pm on Jul. 2, 2014

Restaurant news from south Charlotte.

Being a mother is south Charlotte woman’s most important job

Posted at 4:07pm on Jun. 24, 2014

We can learn so much from other people and how they have handled obstacles.

Southern accent: Who decided children shouldn’t do chores?

Posted at 8:43am on Jun. 11, 2014

Kids seem to cause more chaos when they’re not doing chores, and they have plenty of time for play even if they do help around the house.

Charlotte St. Peter’s Episcopal Church series will focus on reconciliation

Posted at 1:23pm on Jun. 12, 2014

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church will show a series of documentaries this summer to spark conversations about reconciliation.

On the track: J.P. Morgan plans K&N Series entry while vying for Pro Cup title

Posted at 10:01am on Jun. 12, 2014

J.P. Morgan was 22 years old before he started driving race cars. Now, he possesses 13 Pro Cup Series victories, two series championships and is planning his entrance into NASCAR’s K&N Pro Series East.

Restaurant news: Father’s Day brunches will dot Charlotte scene

Posted at 11:36am on Jun. 6, 2014

Uptown’s Aria Tuscan Grill hosts a wine dinner on June 11. The six-course dinner begins at 6:30 p.m. with host and winemaker Alessandro Cellai. Included on the menu are salt-crusted whole striped bass, house-made pappardelle with lamb Bolognese and sheep’s milk ricotta, as well as roasted pheasant. Dessert selection is an olive oil cake with honey rosemary drizzle. Cost for the evening is $100 per person. Email briana@sonomarestaurants.net for reservations.

Fishing with Gus: Appeal to what fish want in prey

Posted at 2:19pm on Jun. 4, 2014

To catch a fish, think like a fish; that means catch each species by luring it with bait according to how they catch their food.

BB&T division uses grant to help YWCA

Posted at 12:23pm on Jun. 5, 2014

The BB&T life insurance division is using a Lighthouse Project grant, which is funded by the bank’s corporate office, as well as its sizable volunteer force to help the YWCA Central Carolinas.

Nonprofit founder pursues peace after seeing war’s destructiveness

Posted at 1:29pm on May. 30, 2014

Chris Saâde has experienced the destructive nature of war and dedicated his life to peace. After enduring the Lebanese Civil War, Saâde founded the Institute for Life-Leadership and Coaching, a nonprofit organization.

Fishing with Capt. Gus: Bass anglers use ‘run and gun’ strategy

Posted at 10:52am on May. 27, 2014

Ever wonder why bass fishermen move around so much? The answer is simple: They’re attempting to catch as many fish as they can in a very short period of time. To do so, they target aggressive bass, the ones that hit as soon as the bait touches the water, and then they move on.

Restaurant news: Tupelo Honey Café releases new cookbook

Posted at 10:55am on May. 20, 2014

Restaurant news from south Charlotte communities.

Matthews rec department offers summer activities

Posted at 2:44pm on May. 23, 2014

Matthews Department of Parks and Recreation is offering an ample variety of summer camps that focus on sports and fitness.

All about people: She brought her art from Russia, with love

Posted at 11:01am on May. 14, 2014

Charlotte’s Alla Ostrovsky has a passion for painting.

Waxhaw Lions Club honors firefighters, EMTs

Posted at 3:38pm on May. 15, 2014

The inaugural award for Volunteer Fire Fighter of the Year went to Chris Cangemi and Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician of the Year to Scott Carpentier.

South Charlotte Restaurant news: Spring heating up with cooking classes

Posted at 2:35pm on May. 9, 2014

Chef Alyssa Gorelick has announced a May cooking class lineup featuring healthy, sustainable cooking.

Kristan Seaford still sees the bright side despite a medical ordeal

Posted at 4:29pm on May. 6, 2014

Matthews’ Kristan Seaford

South Charlotte neighborhoods are seeing houses sell quickly

Posted at 1:57pm on May. 2, 2014

Julie Sharpe, a Redfin real estate agent, said houses in the Ardrey Kell and Providence High School districts stayed on the market an average of 77 days in the first quarter of 2014.

All about people: Matthews resident Shirley Nelson Kersey is a dynamo, even after polio

Posted at 2:16pm on Apr. 29, 2014

Some people are able to do more with the 24 hours in a day than others. Shirley Nelson Kersey is one of those people.

Restaurant news: New eatery for south Charlotte: Bravo!

Posted at 12:18pm on Apr. 25, 2014

The 6,000-square-foot sister restaurant to Brio in SouthPark boasts plenty of seating inside and on the patio, as well as a private dining room and full bar.

Globe-trotting scientist Dr. Nini RB Bautista retires in Charlotte

Posted at 1:01pm on Apr. 22, 2014

Mention ‘nuclear power plant’ in polite conversation and there probably will be more questions than answers. Charlotte resident Dr. Eumelia R. Bautista de Garcia has a doctorate in nuclear chemistry and would be the one with the answers.

Restaurant news: Block & Grinder now serving brunch

Posted at 10:27am on Apr. 16, 2014

Restaurant news from south Charlotte.

South Charlotte’s Providence Produce Market has its own special flare

Posted at 3:54pm on Apr. 22, 2014

Providence Produce Market at the corner of Ballantyne Commons Parkway and Providence Road in south Charlotte, adjacent to the Shell station, is a must-see for produce lovers.

Siskey YMCA instructor keeps step aerobics alive

Posted at 12:52pm on Apr. 16, 2014

The Siskey YMCA, where Stephanie McCall has cultivated a dedicated group of instructors and class members, is the only YMCA in Charlotte where one can take a step class every day of the week.

Charlotte’s WatersEdge Church reaching out to Steele Creek, Southwest Middle School

Posted at 1:08pm on Apr. 8, 2014

Charlotte’s WatersEdge Church in Steele Creek will host a spring festival to benefit Southwest Middle School.