U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx called the dispute over who will run Charlotte’s airport “an unnecessary mess,” and suggested that after almost two years a federal solution to the fight might not be near.

Drugs could have factored into Peter Michael Jordan’s shooting death, police confirm

Two Charlotte-area eye doctors have been charged with drug trafficking after police say they wrote bogus Hydrocodone prescriptions for some of their patients and then stole the pills .

The United States used a long-awaited aerial campaign against the Islamic State to hit a group of al Qaida-affiliated jihadists who U.S. officials claim were planning attacks on Western targets.

Tougher new Treasury Department rules meant to deter companies from moving offshore for lower taxes aren’t likely to derail Charlotte-based Chiquita’s plans to move its headquarters to Ireland, a tax expert said.

Starting at sundown on Wednesday, Jews in Charlotte and around the world will begin celebrating Rosh Hashana – the Jewish New Year.

Duke Energy would be part of an $8 billion proposal, announced Tuesday, to send wind energy generated in Wyoming to Los Angeles.

The Arts & Science Council-sponsored session at Booth Playhouse was meant to energize artists and people who back them.

The cloudy weather and threat of showers will hang around for a few days, forecasters say.

Notices of 2015 rates for Medicare Advantage plans started landing in mailboxes last week,  and a...

The Health Care Challenge
The Daily Edit: 9.23.2014

Fullback Mike Tolbert has a hairline fracture in his left leg below his knee, but will not require surgery.

DeCock: Duke and ECU can both stake a claim to being the best team in North Carolina, although NC State could still force its way into the picture.

Week 3 is in the books, with the Panthers licking their wounds unfortunately, and perhaps some of...

Fantasy Football Insider

Complete race replays of each Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup race broadcast will be available at each week following the event.

All too soon, the fresh pickings will diminish. It's time to stock the larder -- and freezing is the easiest way.

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