Republicans say she has accomplished nothing. But Hagan, a high-energy lawmaker in the Capitol, points to key add-ons to bills that have helped veterans and farmers. | Next weekend: Thom Tillis' record in Raleigh

As the NFL struggles to deal with charges against its players, violence against women is getting renewed attention in Charlotte and elsewhere

If you haven’t received one yet, you could be getting one soon: new credit and debit cards embedded with microchips designed to cut down on fraud.

Borrowed money would help start construction of rural transportation projects, Transportation Secretary Tony Tata says.

Festival in the Park started as a small thing in a small city in a small way. Now, five decades later, it’s a big deal in a big town and – weather permitting – about 150,000 people may partake of it this weekend.

Sandra Hill lost her battle with breast cancer in May.

Willie Little’s show at New Gallery of Modern Art takes on racism and tough subjects, yet he remains optimistic.

~ Lincoln County Apple Festival 09.20.14

The author of "Bones Never Lie" will read Wednesday at Park Road Books.

Slideshow: We received hundreds of submissions for our annual reader photo competition.

The Daily Edit 09.21.14

Scott Fowler: Panthers tight end Greg Olsen leads the team catches and yardage. But what he has done off the field is equally impressive.

A record, sold-out crowd showed up early and most of it stayed late, soaking in the bliss of ECU's 70-41 win over UNC.

An Achilles injury that cost him most of last season is fully healed, Charlotte Hornets forward Jeff Taylor says.

Jimmie Johnson on what he needs to be in position for NASCAR’s 2014 Sprint Cup title: ‘We’re just looking for that sliver of speed.’

Mooresville High football is trending up thanks to an enigmatic coach and a never-say-never running back.

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