Author Stephanie Burt doesn’t “bust ghosts,” she uncovers histories. “Ghosts are really the link between the past and the present. When somebody has a ghost interaction, they get excited about what happened before. That history is real to them.”

A conservative activist whose videos have been at the center of previous controversies is taking on local candidates.

The Rev. Al Cadenhead of Providence Baptist Church borrowed $16,500 that went to con artists, who pulled off an elaborate charade this week.

Mo Collins played offensive line on a national championship college football team at the University of Florida and started for the Oakland Raiders in the Super Bowl. But always, Collins was a West Charlotte Lion.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the state’s largest health insurer, said Thursday that about 42,000 customers around the state received insurance renewal letters with incorrect rates, some showing cost increases of more than 100 percent. The affected customers are on grandfathered Blue Advantage Plan A policies with $15 deductibles.

David Levine uses unmanned aerial vehicle to photograph the work being done to build a county park.

A checkpoint on Park Road snared 10 DWI charges and a handful of other traffic infractions.

Charlotte trick-or-treaters may want to take a raincoat tonight, as forecasters say a steady rain and unseasonably cold temperatures are on their way.

Karen MappWhen Arlene Ackerman would be hired as a superintendent in a new district, she would of...

Your Schools

Especially for Halloween, I offer five foods that diners often tell me they fear, and a few Charlotte places that might just get you over it.

~Daily Edit 10.31.14

Greg Hardy’s Nov. 17 jury trial on domestic violence charges has been postponed until after the NFL season, a source says.

PG Kemba Walker officially signed $48 million extension Thursday that was agreed to Tuesday night.

Tony Stewart finished fourth last week at Martinsville Speedway. ... “Fourth never felt so good,” he said.

Some highlights of the life of much-loved Mo Collins.(click on images to enlarge)'Head football c...

Retro Charlotte

“Nightcrawler” is an utterly fascinating plunge into the ethical cesspool of freelance video journalism in the TMZ age. Grade: B+

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