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NFL won’t get Hardy’s trial evidence

The NFL asked a judge to unseal evidence from the Greg Hardy’s bench trial, including dozens of photographs documenting Nicole Holder’s injuries, but the judge signed an order denying that request. That will keep some of the evidence the NFL most wants to see away from the league as it decides what punishment the former Panthers defensive end deserves.

Karen Garloch

The vaccination question

Despite reassurances from health officials that vaccines are safe, some Charlotte parents continue to worry about potential vaccine injury and choose not to have their children immunized against measles and other childhood diseases. Instead of shouting them down, let’s find out why some children are at higher risk for adverse reactions.

Politics & Government

Charlotte City Council’s LGBT proposal sparks firestorm from faith leaders

Proposed changes to Charlotte’s nondiscrimination ordinance to include sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity appear headed to a close vote Monday night as City Council members grapple with phone calls and 39,000 emails. Groups of clergy on both sides have sent letters to the council, and at least 75 people have signed up to speak at the meeting.

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Deputy fire chief retires after Facebook post controversy

The Charlotte Fire Department deputy chief who shared an image on his Facebook page that City Manager Ron Carlee found “highly offensive” abruptly retired Friday. Dulin had worked for the department for 32 years and been a deputy chief since 2002. He helped develop swift water response training program and oversaw the city and county’s emergency management and homeland security.

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Ice-delayed Korean New Year was still delicious

Tom Hanchett, the curator of the Levine Museum of the New South, is always putting groups together for a food adventure. For Asian New Year, he had scheduled a trip Feb. 16 to a local Korean restaurant for traditional dumpling soup with rice cakes.

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