Google Fiber is coming to Charlotte. The tech giant said Tuesday it has chosen the city as one of the new locations for its super-fast Internet service with speeds up to 100 times normal broadband.

The Obama administration Tuesday proposed opening the Atlantic coast off the Carolinas, Virginia and Georgia to offshore drilling for oil and natural gas.

American Airlines is racking up record profits powered by plummeting fuel prices, but executives at Charlotte’s main carrier said Tuesday they don’t plan to lower fares as long as demand remains strong.

The Charlotte City Council voted unanimously Monday to spend $7million to buy body cameras for police, putting the lipstick-sized device on each patrol officer by October.

You don’t need much to watch the Super Bowl. Just a place to watch the game, a team to cheer for, and game-day food.

Fresh to Order, which offers a variety of freshly prepared seasonal menu items for about $10 or l...

What's In Store

'Religious freedom' bill a last gasp in dwindling fight over gay marriage in NC

When Forestar Group bought a prime parcel of land at Kenilworth Avenue and Morehead Street, the c...


Proponents of the red-hot “paleo“ diet say we should all eat like the cavemen did. Scientists say: Not so fast.

~ The Daily Edit 01.27.15

Patriots wideout Brandon LaFell said it was "shocking" to see how quickly the Panthers blew up a team that won 12 games and the NFC South in 2013.

Former West Charlotte High football player Andrew Jordan will replace the late Mo Collins.

The procedure could cause the Hornets point guard to miss six weeks or more.

Carolina Panthers’ only two Pro Bowl players had a big impact on Sunday’s game, and are in line for big raises.

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