Veteran SBI agent set to retire from his dream job

Tony Underwood investigated high-profile homicides, including the murder of Michael Jordan’s father

His work helped lead to the conviction of police Officer Josh Griffin

Even when interrogating murder suspects, he showed compassion

It’s past time to wrap Deflategate

When the NFL announced that Tom Brady would be suspended four games for his starring role in Deflategate, I was gratified. Unless you’re a fan of Brady’s New England Patriots, I suspect you were, too.

Mötley Crüe in the final stretch

There will be fire and explosions. There will bone-shaking guitar riffs, scantily clad dancers and an upside-down drum solo. Middle-aged men and women will pump their fists and bang their heads, remembering back to younger days when monsters of rock roamed the Earth.

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Is it too soon for Jerry Orr Boulevard?

Charlotte City Council approved a new multilane access road at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

The airport’s success is at least partly due to its former director

Can the city overcome the bad feelings from Orr’s final years?

Charlotte Observer writers Jonathan Jones and Joe Person discuss the Panthers vs Patriots preseason game on Friday at Bank of America Stadium.

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