Save Money in this Sunday's paper

New technology can add furniture to home listing pictures.

Lake Wylie home market tops in region last month.

We need tools for all the jobs we do at home, but we don’t have to like them.

Leigh Brown draws enthusiastic audience for her videos – as well as comments on her Southern accent.

You won’t know unless you ask about ghosts, goblins.

Let your insurance agent know if you move out before you sell.

Architect says modern asphalt shingles don’t need washing, except close to the end of their useful lives.

Comets or rockets – here’s how to clean them.

Prospective buyers again see specific figures

If you’re shopping for a house, ask about noise, repairs, kids, flooding and schools.

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Allen Norwood
Allen Norwood writes on Home design, do-it-yourself and real estate for The Charlotte Observer. His column appears each Saturday.