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Children’s Theatre of Charlotte presents theater for toddlers by PlayPlay!

Citizens of the Universe does a play that’s seldom revived but worth reviving.

For the third consecutive Labor Day, photographer Deborah Triplett invites Charlotteans to tap into their own creativity – and meet their neighbors in the process

Kitty Gaston was an arts advocate who, along with her late sister, was responsible for notable Charlotte projects such as artist Ben Long’s fresco at St. Peter’s Catholic Church and the Hugh Pharr McManaway statue in Myers Park. She died last week at age 78.

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Singers don't mind suffering for their art, but rehearsing in an unheated building in January tak...

State of the Art
A Sopwith Camel airplane, an exact replica of that flown by flying ace Col. Elliott Springs during World War I, is on display at the Carolinas Aviation Museum.

Admission to the Corcoran Gallery of Art is now free following culmination of court-approved deal that ends the Corcoran's life as an independent institution.

In 2010, researchers discovered bone fragments in Siberia’s Denisova Cave; these fragments were identified as the remains of a young girl of a previously unknown Homo sapiens subspecies.

Small troupe packs UpStage for Alan Ball’s comedy

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