Save Money in this Sunday's paper

We’ve had these talks every week for more than 20 years. But this is our last.

If you and your kids are stuck inside because of bad weather, try changing your way of thinking. Watch how your child releases energy and uses creativity, and take notes.

You’re in my way.

When “mini”-relatives come to your home over the holidays, strive to be safe and flexible. Don’t make a scene if fancy dinners, new dresses or tight hugs are rejected.

At first it was cute. Now it’s all grown up.

Are video games squashing your child’s creativity?

Before you let another Thomas the Tank Engine, Furby, Elmo or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle come into your house this holiday season, meet Spencer.

Are you smarter than a third-grader? Can you ask and answer questions to show you understand what you’re reading, recount stories from diverse cultures and describe how characters’ feelings add to a story?

Pink was prolific in October. Even NFL players donned pink to raise awareness in the fight against breast cancer. But there’s another color, another cancer, that doesn’t get as much attention or funding: gold to recognize childhood cancer.

The flu virus is always changing. Is your family ready to battle this season’s flu bug arsenal?

John Rosemond
Betsy Flagler, who lives in Davidson, writes the nationally syndicated Parent to Parent column.