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Taking six bribes in 13 months will cost former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon almost four years of his life. On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Frank Whitney sentenced Cannon to 44 months in federal prison after the Democrat tearfully acknowledged taking more than $50,000 in bribes from undercover FBI agents.

Patrick Cannon rarely stood alone during the defining moments of his 20 years in politics.

Charlotte Mayor Dan Clodfelter said Tuesday he believed the federal government’s corruption investigation is at “the end,” though prosecutor Anne Tompkins left the door open for more arrests, saying she wouldn’t comment on an “ongoing investigation.”

The Observer interviewed prominent Charlotte defense lawyers James Wyatt and Jim Cooney to answer questions about Patrick Cannon’s prison sentence.

Cannon realizes that Charlotte’s clean government reputation soiled, attorney says.

Replay updates from the hearing when former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon faced sentencing on a federal corruption charge.

Disgraced former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon, who pleaded guilty to accepting more than $50,000 in bribes while in office, on Tuesday will become the first chief executive in the city’s history to be sentenced to prison.

After prosecutors divulge the sordid details of how former Mayor Patrick Cannon betrayed his city, his defense team is expected to remind the court of the good Cannon did.

Former Mayor Patrick Cannon often redirected the conversation to a specific transaction. All of that caught the attention of his peers and left some city staff members wary.

On Oct. 14, Judge Whitney and Patrick Cannon, two sons of Charlotte, will face each other in Whitney’s courtroom for Cannon’s sentencing on public corruption.

A federal judge has agreed to delay the sentencing of former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon until Oct. 14.

Lawyers for former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon want to delay the Democrat’s sentencing hearing so a New York psychiatrist can testify before Cannon’s punishment is handed down. It's the latest in an unusual legal strategy in corruption cases: the use of personal behavioral information to account for the criminal activity of highly public figures.

The defense team for former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon wants to delay his sentencing so a New York psychiatrist can testify in Cannon’s behalf.

Patrick Cannon’s lawyers filed a request Monday to delay his sentencing in the public corruption case against him.

Former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon could be sentenced on a public corruption charge as early as next week, according to new documents in his case.

City officials say they don’t get a lot of complaints about illegal activity at Slim Baucom’s strip clubs. They say the club operator is responsive when they do.

When cities and states tried to restrict his clubs, Slim Baucom says he tried political contributions as a way to be heard.

Former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon pleaded guilty to taking money from strip-club businessman Slim Baucom in exchange for help with city regulators. It turns out he accepted other favors as well.

E-Z Parking ran 16 public lots in March, when Cannon was arrested, according to information on the company’s website and an Observer review. That number has fallen to 11 as of July – not including lots solely operated on Carolina Panthers game days.

As a council member and mayor for more than 20 years, Patrick Cannon had a reputation for helping constituents. A review of his emails shows he often leaned on staff.

An email raises questions about whether former Mayor Patrick Cannon did favors for the Sheraton.

A week after pleading guilty to federal corruption charge, Charlotte's ex-mayor posted the slightly-blurry photo on Facebook.

The four-year investigation into public corruption that led to the March 26 arrest of former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon remains open, with one major change: The 47-year-old Democrat goes from its main target to a potentially vital informant.

The federal government isn’t pulling funding for the extension of the Lynx light-rail line over allegations that former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon took a $2,000 bribe to help a strip club owner whose establishment was in the construction path.

Business owners forced to give up property for the new light rail line along North Tryon Street said they were surprised to learn that former Mayor Patrick Cannon took a bribe from a strip club owner seeking a reprieve from the land-taking.

Anne Tompkins: March 26, 2014, was a shocking day for Charlotte. A city, which prided itself on a tradition of honest government and public service, learned that its newly elected mayor was not honest and had sold his public office for personal gain. Today, Patrick Cannon has admitted that he violated his duty of honest services by taking bribes. But it is a new day for Charlotte. Mr. Cannon has pled guilty and will be held accountable for his breach of trust, and he will face the consequences for his offense.

Federal investigators said Tuesday that they are following leads in their probe of former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon to determine whether public corruption and bribery go deeper in the city’s government. Cannon’s plea deal means he now shifts from being a target to an informant: Under the terms, Cannon must cooperate fully and truthfully or face a harsher sentence.

The newest details about our corrupt former mayor aren’t nearly as attention grabbing as the bad behavior Patrick Cannon was accused of when he was arrested back in March. Instead of a briefcase stuffed with $20,000, there’s an alleged payout of a couple grand in court documents unsealed Monday. Instead of paid trips to Las Vegas and a free SouthPark apartment, there are possible zoning approvals and a meeting with city transportation officials.

In a matter of a few extraordinary minutes, Patrick Cannon, the former mayor of Charlotte, faced both his accusers and his community – pleading guilty to a federal corruption charge, then walking out into the glare of a high-noon press conference to apologize to the city he betrayed.

Former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon is expected to plead guilty Tuesday to a federal corruption charge after authorities allege he took tens of thousands of dollars in bribes.

Patrick Cannon is expected to plead guilty Tuesday to a federal public corruption charge that carries up to a 20-year prison sentence. A newly unsealed document also appears to implicate Charlotte strip club mogul David “Slim” Baucom.

Charlotte City Council members said Monday they hope former Mayor Patrick Cannon’s expected guilty plea will let the city move on from federal corruption charges that have been looming over local government since Cannon’s arrest in March.

When undercover FBI agents were constructing a ruse to attract Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon, they posed as businessmen trying to open a nightclub or bar.

The dirty details get the Twitter birds chirping.

Cannon, 47, has been spotted around town, at a restaurant at lunchtime, at his son’s baseball games in the evenings. He texted a former City Council colleague to wish her “Happy Mother’s Day.” Publicly, though, Cannon is keeping a decidedly low profile.

A timeline of events of the political career of former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon, including allegations from a federal affidavit on events leading to his arrest March 26 on public corruption charges. Cannon resigned as Charlotte mayor that same day.

The FBI is looking into the Charlotte City Council’s controversial 2011 vote to limit access for taxicabs at the airport, a decision under scrutiny in the wake of former Mayor Patrick Cannon’s arrest on federal corruption charges in March.

The Charlotte City Council is considering changes designed to boost city ethics following corruption charges against former Mayor Patrick Cannon.

Charlotte Mayor Dan Clodfelter said Monday he has asked City Manager Ron Carlee for an update on the city’s controversial 2011 decision to restrict access to the airport.

The attorney for former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon said he doesn’t expect any developments concerning his client before late May at the earliest.

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