April/June 2014

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CB2 to You

CB2's new bridal registry opens up options for local brides.

Pop the Top

Beer dinners offer a refreshing alternative for a bridesmaids' outing.

So Inviting

Wow your guests with a couture silk box invite.

Casual Comfort

You'll flip over Switchflops!

Building the Bond

A DVD that derails divorce.

Restroom Relief

This convenient calculator helps you count the commodes for your outdoor wedding.

Something Blue

Gift or receive your very own eau de alma mater.

Be Bold

Add some pop to your frock.

Hot Hair

A sexy, side-swept bun is a lovely alternative to a traditional up-do.

Precious Metal

Announce your marriage with metal invites.

Matrimonial Mixology

Tease a few taste buds at your reception with this hot cocktail.

Make a Wish

Get the wedding gift of your dreams.