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Complaints from nonprofit groups and others about a new fee designed to raise funds for greenway development in Statesville prompted the City Council to rescind the fee just two weeks after it went into effect.

When she was 7 and living in Colombia, South America, Adriana Marsh’s parents took her to an international arts fair. Among other types of art, were works of origami.

On Dec. 3, my friend and I flew back to Charlotte from Tampa, where my friend had been to see a medical specialist.


August is good for sunfish, white perch and channel catfish – which bite throughout the day.

Whether you have a large bank account or a small sum in your purse, your money should be handled with the future in mind. To get you on track for financial responsibility, Certified Financial Planner Cheryl Sherrard shares her top four guiding principles when it comes to money.

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