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Check out these 10 free Halloween and fall happenings around the Charlotte area. Note: None of these events has an admission charge, but some of the activities might not be free.

The adaptation of P.D. James’ sequel to Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” is superb, and the performances are first-rate.

Kevin McDonald, formerly of “Kids in the Hall,” comes to Salisbury’s Lee Street Theatre Friday and Saturday for the 2014 Comedy Fest and to lead a workshop focusing on comedy techniques and demonstrate the sketch-writing process via improv.

There’s nothing like a whodunit. It’s even better if it’s a true life one with a believable solution. The result is pure catnip to mystery readers.

Neil Diamond wrote and recorded his first studio album of new material in six years floating in the heady glow of new love. “Melody Road” is out Tuesday.


  • Looking for culinary adventure? We pulled together a sampling of international cuisines around town. Get packing.

“23 Blast” tells a fact-based story about a star high school football player in Kentucky who gets a killer infection and ends up, in a matter of hours, completely and irreversibly blind. Grade: B+

A big, sloppy wet kiss of a movie about an old grouch, a sweet kid and their odd-couple friendship, “St. Vincent” has a couple of things going for it, mostly Bill Murray. Grade: B+

Universal’s effort to reclaim its place as the Home for Horror takes a step backward with this duller-than-dull 89 minutes of your life you’ll never get back. Grade: F

Keanu Reeves wades through corpses in a movie with zero characterization. Grade: D

Sycamore Brewing in Charlotte will have its grand opening 2-9 p.m. Nov. 1.

Party Pix 10.23.14

Branford Marsalis & the Chamber Orchestra of PhiladelphiaFriday  8 p.m., Dale F. Halton Theater, ...

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Maybe Barbara Walters had her fingers crossed when she said last year's "10 Most Fascinating People" telecast would be her last.

Radio RatingsHere are the rankings of Charlotte radio stations as measured by Nielsen. Stations t...

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