Teacher of the Arts: Laurie Bostian

10/03/2012 3:32 PM

10/03/2012 3:58 PM

Laurie Bostian, 40, has been an artist since childhood. She sketched and painted from a young age and by seventh grade was selling her artwork to other students, parents and teachers. Primarily self-taught, Bostian has found much success with portrait painting, using watercolor and acrylic for her work. She teaches Wednesday evenings at the Charlotte Art League on Camden Road.

It’s in the eyes: Bostian always starts her portraits with the eyes. “I’ve found that if I can capture the eyes, the rest will fall into place  . There has to be feeling, a connection to that person.”

Achieving creative goals: Bostian is passionate about teaching. Though she is primarily a portrait painter, she is experienced and skilled in other work. She works with students step by step on their work to achieve their goals. She keeps the environment “fun and relaxed,” where there is no pressure, only a supportive place to enjoy exploring one’s artistic side.

Seeing differently: One of the great rewards Bostian finds about teaching art is helping her students expand the way they see things as they learn to paint because that is where artistic growth happens. “It’s awesome helping them understand different ways to see the world, such as recognizing light, color and shadow,” Bostian said.

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