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11/14/2012 11:46 AM

11/15/2012 12:51 PM

Charlotte artist Bridgit Scheide, 25, spends her days working at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find and her nights working on her own comic book series. The Illinois native, who moved to Matthews as a child, published the first issue of her the supernatural trucker series, “Brother Nash,” in May and is currently completing Issue 2. Courtney Devores

Q. How did you get into writing comics?

I always really liked to tell stories in art. One of the first comics I read was “Maus.” I realized comics can be profound. With sequential art, I like that you can really study a character through time and aesthetic. You really have to learn to draw everything, things you wouldn’t imagine paying attention in everyday life. It makes you pay attention.

Q. Has your process changed with “Brother Nash?”

I actually learned a lot from another comic artist who writes and illustrates named Doug Tennapel. He had a couple of interviews where he described his process and how he broke down the story. He would write out a paragraph and break it down into beginning, middle and end. And he’d break each one of those down, and then he’d break it down again. That really helped my brain. It was just a clear way to do it.

Q. How did “Brother Nash” come to you?

I worked at Smelly Cat (Coffee Shop). I’d never had a fascination with truck drivers or highways, but there was a truck driver who came in and we got to talking about how he gets to travel all over. I was supposed to be writing this kung-fu fantasy comic and I kept drifting back to the West. I had always loved Native American folklore. I also like creating a romantic story from something that’s not romantic at all. .

Q. Did you have to do a lot of research?

I was constantly taking pictures of trucks and paying more attention on the road to what you see as you pass, like how a truck narrows in the distance. I also had a friend who moved to California and I asked him to take photos on the road that Nash was driving on. He sent me a lot of environmental shots. Nash takes I-10 and I-40. I’m watching truck driving videos on YouTube and Google Maps. It’s like being a fly on the wall to another culture and trying to write it honestly and not naively.

Q. Where do you work best?

It used to be lonely sitting at a desk. Even when I was drawing by myself I would have to go out to coffee shops. Hearing people around me talk and not being a part of the conversation zones me out.

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