Video-game wars will benefit the players

12/03/2013 4:39 PM

12/03/2013 5:53 PM

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 units are finally landing in living rooms worldwide, and what begins as a whisper will quickly turn to a scream. There won’t be enough units for everyone who wants one, many of the games won’t be as good as we hope, and the online networks that support them will sputter and fail.

That’s just the way launches go. The good news is, in time there will be enough units for everyone, the games will reach dizzying new heights with each passing year, and the networks will evolve and improve.

It’s a global battle for our time, and Sony and Microsoft will pull out all the stops to make their platforms successful. With each glancing blow or uppercut that the two behemoths land in this war, the players and the games that we consume with grow stronger.

Microsoft and Sony will force innovation to win our allegiance, as will the other competitors in the market, be it Nintendo, Valve, Android, or even Apple.

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