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Local Arts

She tried for years to hide her voice. Then she made a career out of it.

Lisa Biggs is a 36-year-old woman with an asymmetrical haircut; when she takes her shoes off, you can see the tattoos on her feet. But the voice that comes out of her mouth sounds like an 8-year-old girl: high-pitched and squeaky, with the vocal timbre of a grade-schooler asking for an extra carton of chocolate milk. Biggs spent years trying to disguise that voice, but these days it pays her rent: she makes her living as a professional voiceover artist.

Local Arts

About ‘Hedwig’: Even in our HB2-roiled state, gender isn’t the point

Although North Carolina’s controversial House Bill 2 has been repealed, the replacement bill itself remains controversial. All that real life helps “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” – the gender-bending story of a rock n’ roll queen in search of her soulmate, while unencumbered, at least in spirit, by gender – resonate here, nearly 20 years after its Off-Broadway debut.


Raptor Center hopes donations soar like an eagle

The Carolina Raptor Center made a major fundraising campaign announcement and released a bald eagle at the swimming beach at Lake Norman State Park on Thursday, April 6 . They hope to raise $1.4 million before December 1 ,2017. This would complete the $10.6 million in funding needed to build their new Quest campus.