Music & Nightlife

Music & Nightlife

In Massachusetts towns, relics from past coming back

With music from artists like The Beatles, The Monkees or George Harrison playing in the background, some might feel like they took a step out of 2017 and into the past when they walk into The Nevermind Shop. Vintage collectibles in glass cases, shrink-wrapped vintage promotional posters leaning against the walls, and vinyl records grouped by genre.

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Q&A: Meet 'Roxanne, Roxanne' breakout Chante Adams

Actress Chante Adams had just graduated from Carnegie Mellon University when she got a call from a casting agent who wanted her to audition to be the lead in the Roxanne Shante biopic "Roxanne, Roxanne." Adams had no feature credits to her name and a background in theater. But the agent saw something in her at CMU's senior showcase, where students perform in front of agents, managers and casting directors, and sought her out.