What to Watch on Tuesday: A conscious coupling on ‘Mindy Project’?

04/01/2014 9:43 AM

04/01/2014 9:45 AM

The Mindy Project (9pm, Fox) - Returning from a midseason hiatus with two new back-to-back episodes, "The Mindy Project" picks up immediately after "the airplane kiss" between Mindy and Danny. So, are they a couple now? We'll find out. Later, an incriminating photo of Mindy shows up on the internet and Peter helps her try to keep it from spreading.

About a Boy (9pm, NBC) - I will continue to push this show on everyone until they watch. Tonight, Will takes Marcus to the ER after an accident with a knife.

Twisted (9pm, ABC Family) - In the Season 1 finale, Kyle's investigation takes a new turn. Meanwhile, Whitney's mom arrives to take her daughter back to the city, and the romantic triangle between Danny, Jo and Charlie culminates.

The Trophy Wife (9:30pm, NBC) - Pete lies to Diane after she confronts him at a school fundraiser.

Justified (10pm, FX) - Here's to hoping that the dullest season so far of "Justified" starts ramping up just as it winds down. Boyd got things going in that direction last week, proving he still remembers how to blow *#$@ up. Tonight, Raylan targets Darryl Crowe Jr. (KILL HIM!), while Boyd and Duffy make an unlikely ally. Next week is the season finale.

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