April 17, 2014

What to Watch on Thursday: Finale night for ‘Scandal,’ ‘Parenthood,’ ‘Community’ and ‘Crazy Ones’

On TV tonight, season finales for “Scandal,” “Parenthood,” “Community” and “The Crazy Ones.”

Scandal (10pm, ABC) - In the finale of “Scandal’s” abbreviated third season (see: Pregnancy, Kerry Washington), the arrival of Election Day means the candidates will do just about anything for votes. Meanwhile, Olivia tries to make sense of Mama Pope’s motives and Charlie makes a shocking move.

Also on tonight . . .

Community (8pm, NBC) - The history of Greendale’s first dean is uncovered in the Season 5 finale, while Annie and Abed search for an abandoned computer lab. Also, Chang becomes involved in Subway’s plan to take over the school.

The Crazy Ones (9pm, CBS) - In the Season 1 finale, Simon’s team come up with a radical way to save a library, and Gordon serves as the campaign’s reluctant poster boy. Later, the ad agency faces a buyout and Simon’s ex-wife has the deciding vote.

Parenthood (10pm, NBC) - Haddie (What? Who is this Haddie person of whom you speak?!) returns in the Season 5 closer, which also boasts a reunion for Amber and Ryan – and maybe for Sarah and Hank, too. Also, Zeek gives Victor a driving lesson, Drew pursues his bliss (is “bliss” code for “pot”?), Victor triumphs over a fear and Adam and Crosby reminisce over childhood memories.

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