April 22, 2014

What to Watch on Tuesday: ‘American Masters’ explores environmental movement

“A Fierce Green Fire” explores the environmental movement from the 1960s through 2009.

American Masters: A Fierce Green Fire (9pm, UNC-TV) - This documentary explores the environmental movement from the 1960s through 2009, including the battle in the 60s to block dams from the Grand Canyon, the Love Canal scandal of the 1970s, Greenpeace’s efforts to save whales and baby harp seals and the 25-year effort to address climate change. Narrators include Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and Ashley Judd.

Also on tonight . . .

Pioneers of Television: Doctors and Nurses (8pm, UNC-TV) - TV’s fascination with doctors and nurses is explored with Noah Wyle, Anthony Edwards, Ed Begley Jr. and Chad Everett.

About a Boy (9pm, NBC) - Will invites Sam to a game night hosted by Andy and Laurie.

Deadliest Catch (9pm, Discovery) - A shortened fishing season puts added pressure on the captains in the Season 10 premiere, which also sees a boat go up in flames.

Fargo (10pm, FX) - Molly becomes suspicious of Lester, while Malvo investigates a blackmail plot.

Frontline: Solitary Nation (10pm, UNC-TV) - The use of solitary confinement in American prisons is examined via the stories of inmates living in isolation, the prison officers who keep them locked in and a warden who is re-thinking the practice.

Chicago Fire (10pm, NBC) - Cruz and his brother Leon must come to terms with their pasts after learning about a drive-by shooting in their neighborhood.

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