May 4, 2014

What to Watch on Sunday: Season finale for ‘Resurrection'

In the Season 1 finale of “Resurrection,” the town of Arcadia is full of returned dead people and in a state of chaos.

Resurrection (9pm, ABC) - In the Season 1 finale, the town of Arcadia is full of returned dead people and in a state of chaos. Bellamy requests help from the outside, but that backfires.

Also on tonight . . .

The Simpsons (8pm, Fox) - After awakening in an idyllic world where everyone is made out of LEGOS and for once he fits in perfectly, Homer begins to have second thoughts and must piece together a plan on how to get back to square one.

The Good Wife (9pm, CBS) - Alicia considers options outside her marriage when she meets a handsome entrepreneur while serving on jury duty. To help think through the situation, she consults with her mother. Meanwhile, Diane helps some friends when their son is accused of selling drugs on the internet.

Everest Avalanche Tragedy (9pm, Discovery) - A 90-minute special examining rescue efforts that took place on Mount Everest following the April 2014 avalanche.

Mad Men (10pm, AMC) - Sterling Cooper & Partners prepares for a guest. Meanwhile, Don calls an old friend, Roger confronts problems at home and Pete underestimates Peggy.

The Bletchley Circle (10pm, UNC-TV) - In the Season 2 finale, the women sleuths decide to stop some human traffickers themselves because there’s corruption within the police department.

David Spade: My Fake Problems (10pm, Comedy Central) - David Spade's new stand-up special, filmed in Hollywood, features a story about the time Chris Farley bought him 10 lap dances in a row.

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