May 9, 2014

TV preview: Check out these new dramas for spring and summer

Viewers can check out new scripted shows this spring and summer.

Viewers can check out new scripted shows this spring and summer.


“Gang Related:” FOX, May 22, 9 p.m. Terry O’Quinn (“Lost”) is running an anti-gang task force, not realizing his unit has been infiltrated by an undercover gang member (Ramon Rodriguez of “The Wire”). With rapper RZA and Emilio Rivera, whose Wikipedia page leads off with the statement, “He usually plays Mexican criminals.”

“THE NIGHT SHIFT:” NBC, MAY 27 AT 10 P.M. San Antonio Memorial’s overnight crew of doctors are a bunch of irreverent, defiant, possibly stoned and improbably good-looking Army burnouts. With Freddy Rodriguez, Eoin Macken, Daniella Alonso and Jill Flint.

HALT AND CATCH FIRE: JUNE 1, AMC AT 10 P.M. This 10-episode period drama, which shares its name with a legendary, CPU-killing piece of code, takes place in the early-’80s heyday of the IBM PC. A trio of fictional, volatile rogue techies risk it all to join the marketplace. With Lee Pace and Scoot McNairy.

POWER: STARZ, JUNE 7 AT 9 P.M. You probably know Curtis Jackson as rapper 50 Cent, whose shrewd business moves have made him almost as rich as Jay-Z. He produced this crime series, which follows a conflicted nightclub owner (Omari Hardwick) through the drug underworld.

MURDER IN THE FIRST: TNT, JUNE 9 AT 10 P.M. This one-case-per-season courtroom thriller is the latest project from Steven Bochco, who brought us “L.A. Law,” “NYPD Blue” and “Murder One,” a similar concept. If “Murder in the First” doesn’t deliver a first season filled with bite and character, we’d be surprised. With Taye Diggs, Kathleen Robertson and Steven Weber.

CHASING LIFE: ABC FAMILY, JUNE 10 AT 9 P.M. Boston journalist April (Italia Ricci) has a grumpy editor, needy family and confusing love life, and that’s before she gets the news that she has terminal cancer. Based on a Mexican telenovela.

CROSSBONES: NBC, MAY 30 AT 10 P.M. NBC might be operating under the premise that most rational people would hear “John Malkovich is starring as Blackbeard” and reach for the big, confusing remote to record whatever appeared on the screen. But “Crossbones” is based on a journalist’s account of what went down in 1715 in the Bahamas. The show is from the creator of “Luther,” Idris Elba’s excellent psychological cop thriller, so there’s reason to be optimistic. With Julian Sands, Richard Coyle and Nick Blaemire.

THE LAST SHIP: TNT, JUNE 22 AT 9 P.M. Michael Bay’s post-apocalyptic drama series begins with a killer virus wiping out most of Earth, then focuses on the isolated comrades aboard an unaffected naval destroyer, kind of like “The Stand Joins the Navy.” With Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra and Adam Baldwin.

THE MUSKETEERS: BBC AMERICA, JUNE 22 AT 9 P.M. This lavishly produced revenge drama is set in a version of 17th-century Paris that feels like the Old West. With Peter Capaldi and Luke Pasqualino.

–RECKLESS: CBS, JUNE 29 AT 9 P.M. If you like some steamy sex and Southern accents with your courtroom drama, CBS’ “Reckless” looks like a sultry candidate. Based in Charleston, S.C., it follows a young lawyer’s descent into a black hole of police corruption. Jamie Sawyer (Anna Wood) flirts with danger, then flirts with the city attorney. With Georgina Haig and Adam Rodriguez.

RUSH: USA, JULY 17 AT 9 P.M. A disgraced, pill-popping ER doctor (Tom Ellis) makes his money by patching up L.A.’s rich and famous on the sly. With Sarah Habel and Odette Annable.

SATISFACTION: USA, JULY 17 AT 10 P.M. An investment banker (Matt Passmore of “The Glades”) thinks his marriage is just a little stale, until he finds his wife (Stephanie Szostak of “The Devil Wears Prada”) is involved with an escort.


PENNY DREADFUL: SHOWTIME, MAY 11 AT 10 P.M. Someone said, “Let’s get Dorian Gray, Dr. Frankenstein, some characters from “Dracula,” smash together their origin stories, and put them all together in Victorian London so they can fight evil with an explorer, a psychic and a mysterious American.” Sounds good. It has to be better than “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” especially with Timothy Dalton, Eva Green and Josh Hartnett.

THE LEFTOVERS: HBO, JUNE 15 AT 10 P.M. Tom Perrotta, writer of “Election” and “Little Children,” teamed up with controversial sci-fi producer Damon Lindelof for this character-focused adaptation of his book about the people who didn’t make the cut when the Rapture came. Now they’re hanging out in a suburb, clinging to normalcy after 100 people vanish toward heaven. With Justin Theroux, Liv Tyler and Christopher Eccleston.

DOMINION: SYFY, JUNE 19 AT 9 P.M. This supernatural drama, based on the 2010 fallen angel film “Legion,” imagines a future after the archangel Gabriel’s nearly successful attempt to wipe out humanity. The survivors build an empire on the ruins of Las Vegas (of course) and prove, once again, that wiping the slate clean doesn’t make people any nicer. With Anthony Stewart Head and Christopher Egan.

EXTANT: CBS, JULY 9 AT 9 P.M. In this futuristic thriller, Halle Berry is an astronaut who returns to Earth after a year in space with an unwelcome space parasite. With Camryn Manheim and Grace Gummer.


Guillermo del Toro’s horror series, based on the three books he wrote with Chuck Hogan, follows a heroic CDC scientist (Corey Stoll of “House of Cards”) as he leads the fight against a bad outbreak of extra-nasty mutant vampires who look like they were conceived by Guillermo del Toro. With Sean Astin, Regina King and Mia Maestro.

LEGENDS: TNT, AUG. 20 AT 9 P.M. After lasting only one season on “Game of Thrones,” Sean Bean places himself in peril once more, this time in a tense spy thriller from Howard Gordon, co-creator of “Homeland.” The premise – that Bean’s deep-undercover FBI agent can physically transform himself into different people with distinct personas – sounds a lot like “Quantum Leap” minus the drag. With Tina Majorino, Ali Larter and Morris Chestnut.

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