May 22, 2014

What to Watch on Thursday: A ‘Gang Related’ assault

Fox’s new drama “Gang Related” has a good cast and decent premise, but the terrible writing sinks it.

Gang Related (9pm, Fox) - A new series about a member of the LAPD’s Gang Task Force who is really a plant for the underworld drug kingpin who raised him and put him through the police academy for this purpose. It stars Ramon Lopez as the cop, Cliff Curtis as the kingpin and Terry O’Quinn as the task force leader – and they all deserve better. Tonight’s debut, in which the young cop’s partner is killed by a member of the gang he’s protecting, isn’t bad, even if it is cliche. But with each subsequent episode I watched (3 and a half, total), I disliked it more and more (hence the “half” episode). Let’s just say the writing (in particular, the dialogue) is so hackneyed that it should come with an “eye-roll strain” warning. If you don’t care about that, knock yourself out.

Last Comic Standing (9pm, NBC) - Back for an eighth season, this search for America’s funniest comic features judges Roseanne Barr, Keenen Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters. J.B. Smoove is the host.

Black Box (10pm, ABC) - Catherine asks Esme for help bonding with a boy. Elsewhere, Jacob shows signs of Jerusalem syndrome and Dr. Reynaud faces his fear of death.

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