June 7, 2014

What to Watch on Saturday: ‘Looking For Mr. Right’ on Hallmark

Tonight, a new Hallmark movie looks for romance, plus a couple of good animal shows and a new episode of “Orphan Black.”

Looking for Mr. Right (9pm, Hallmark) - A movie about a struggling writer who pens a romance novel, then, to help her agent with publicity, searches for an ideal boyfriend like the one in her book. Wouldn’t you know it -- she meets two: a charming real estate agent and an old high school friend who owns a plant nursery. Stars Sarah Lancaster, Kip Pardue, Brandon Quinn and Vivica Fox.

Also on tonight . . .

Brazil Gone Wild (8pm, Discovery) - This isn’t about Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. It’s better. This is about the giant otters, monkeys and coatis (think “pointy-nosed raccoons”) in the Brazilian wilderness.

My Cat From Hell (8pm, Animal Planet) - Tonight, a cat that’s FIV-positive hates a couple’s other cat, and a woman’s cat pees on her husband’s clothes and attacks his dog (it’s trying to tell her something!). But don’t worry, Jackson Galaxy to the rescue.

Orphan Black (9pm, BBC America) - A new player in the clone conspiracy emerges and turns up at Felix’s door, which sends him into crisis mode.

Sing Your Face Off (9pm, NBC) - Among other performances, Sebastian Bach sings as Willie Nelson and Freddie Mercury and Jon Lovitz performs as Billy Idol and Meatloaf.

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