June 21, 2014

What to Watch on Saturday: ‘Crisis’ ends on NBC

In the series finale of “Crisis,” Gibson goes on a mission planned by Beth Ann’s kidnapper.

Crisis (9pm, NBC) - This series ends tonight with two back-to-back episodes. At 9, Finley makes a heroic move in the mansion with the kidnappers. At 10, Gibson goes on a mission planned by Beth Ann’s kidnapper, and a cryptic message sends Ian and Amber on a dangerous odyssey.

Also on tonight . . .

Stolen from the Womb (8pm, Lifetime) - In this Lifetime movie, a pregnant woman is kidnapped and given a labor-inducing drug by a desperate woman unable to have a baby. When the child is delivered, the woman flees with the newborn, who has a rare congenital condition that requires medical treatment.

My Cat From Hell (8pm, Animal Planet) - A cat that suffers from PTSD after being trapped in a house during a fire has become aggressive and attacks a couple’s youngest daughter.

Orphan Black (9pm, BBC America) - Season 2 ends with Sarah being forced to concede when Rachel launches her latest ploy.

The Assets (9pm, ABC) - What is this? Where did this come from?? Oh yes, it’s the burning off of unaired episodes of a canceled ABC series. In this one, Edward Lee Howard is hunted by the FBI and the CIA after being identified as a mole, but Sandy is still worried about leaks while trying to prove an asset’s importance.

Almost Royal (10pm, BBC America) - In this new series, two young British aristocrats tour the U.S. for the first time, while accompanied by a film crew. In the opener, siblings George and Poppy arrive in Los Angeles to begin their nationwide journey and try to launch Poppy’s acting career. At 10:30, the duo visit Boston.

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