July 8, 2014

What to Watch on Tuesday: ‘History Detectives’ probe Glenn Miller disappearance

“History Detectives” presents an investigation into the disappearance of Glenn Miller during World War II.

History Detectives (9pm, UNC-TV) - Tonight’s show presents an investigation into the disappearance of Glenn Miller during World War II. On December 15, 1944, the Army Air Force plan carrying Miller from England to France vanished while flying across the English Channel. The report makes use of a plane spotter’s notebook that was discovered in 2012 to pinpoint the path of Miller’s plane. It also digs into several theories, including one that friendly fire downed the plane and another that he was on a secret mission to end the war.

Royal Pains (9pm, USA) - Evan reaches out to a woman with a mysterious illness hoping that Hank can offer a diagnosis.

Perception (10pm, TNT) - Pierce examines a woman who has confessed to a murder and claims to be possessed by the devil.

The Night Shift (10pm, NBC) - TC and Topher treat the lone survivor of a plane crash while fending off an intimidating law enforcement officer with a secret motive.

Frontline: Secrets of the Vatican (10pm, UNC-TV) - A report on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the first pope to step down voluntarily in 600 years, and the efforts of his successor, Pope Francis, to tame the forces that helped destroy Benedict’s papacy and set the Catholic Church on a new path.

Drunk History (10pm, Comedy Central) - Inebriated storytellers recount the following events from history: sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi designs the Statue of Liberty (and tries to give it to the U.S.); Sybil Ludington takes a midnight ride during the American Revolution; and Nellie Bly goes undercover in an asylum on Blackwell’s Island.

Nathan For You (10:30pm, Comedy Central) - Nathan has plans for a souvenir shop in Hollywood.

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