July 10, 2014

What to Watch on Thursday: ‘Welcome to Sweden’ is welcome in America

“Welcome to Sweden” is a charming new sitcom starring Greg Poehler (and executive produced by his sister, Amy) as a celebrity accountant from America who follows his girlfriend to Sweden.

Welcome to Sweden (9pm, NBC) - In this new NBC comedy, Greg Poehler (brother of Amy, who executive produces) plays a celebrity accountant from the U.S. who moves to Sweden when his Swedish girlfriend returns for a big job. The series, loosely based on Greg’s life, was filmed in Sweden and debuted there in March. It was a big hit there and a second season is already in the works. Nearly every episode has a celebrity cameo – Amy Poehler, Will Ferrell, Aubrey Plaza, Gene Simmons – but they make sense and aren’t gimmicky at all. I highly recommend this. The first episode may feel a little slow to you (I almost hate to mention that there are some subtitles, but yes, there are some subtitles – be a grown up!) but stick with it. NBC provided all ten episodes (lucky me!) and the more I watched, the more I fell in love with it.

Working the Engels (9:30pm, NBC) - A new Canadian series about a woman who takes responsibility for her oddball family and the family law firm after their breadwinner father dies suddenly and leaves them greatly in debt.

NY Med (10pm, ABC) - Not sure what’s happening on tonight’s episode but I’m sure it will be riveting.

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